Luxury by Sofia 5th Anniversary Beauty Spotlight: Organic Eyeshadow


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Whether you sculpt, paint or draw with eyeshadow, how you choose to wear this beauty product is influenced by your personal preferences and innate personality. Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face which is why eyeshadow has the power to dramatically transform your mood and convey desires more than words can.

In this series of Luxury by Sofia’s 5th anniversary beauty spotlight, we put our Organic Eyeshadow on center stage and share the secrets to perfecting the art of eyeshadow with expert tips and tricks.




Organic Eyeshadow: You Are The Star Of The Show

“The only reason a woman should ever look down is to show off her eyeshadow.”

Audacious. Dramatic. Bold. An eyeshadow befitting of a beauty chameleon.

Express your individuality and authentic style. Captivate your audience with a single look using our intensely pigmented Organic Eyeshadow that delivers high-definition color and dimension. This ultra-fine powder eyeshadow glides smoothly onto your eyelids without any drag. Its weightless, crease-resistant formulation ensures an even color application that maintains its vibrancy throughout the day. Designed in a stunning collection of single eyeshadows and tri-color eyeshadow compacts, there is an eyeshadow for every occasion.

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Sculpt, paint, or draw, the possibilities with our Organic Eyeshadow are endless. From soft natural glow to majestic evening glam, our flattering suite of gorgeous hues will let your eyes do the talking.

TURN HEADS WITH STRIKING COLORS:  Our ultra-pigmented pressed powder eyeshadow delivers intense color payoff and vibrant depth to create any look, from natural to dramatic. Select from our collection of single-color and tri-color eyeshadow compacts to suit your every mood.

ENJOY FLAWLESS NON-CREASING & NON-CAKING FINISH:  Trendy eye makeup looks that stay on all day. This eyeshadow’s innovative formulation glides onto your eyelids smoothly without any drag and does not settle into fine lines ensuring that you look stunning from day to night.

INDULGE IN A PLAYFUL POP OF COLOR:  Whether you fancy a velvet or satin finish, we have the eyeshadow compact for every moment. Keep it natural by applying this eyeshadow dry or unleash your inner diva by applying it wet for a dramatic eye makeup look.

EXPERIENCE INNOVATIVE SKINCARE-INFUSED MAKEUP:  Achieve bright and youthful eyes with nourishing hydration. This eyeshadow is formulated with a blend of botanical extracts, from Jojoba Seed Oil, Safflower Oil to Lavender Oil.

Luxurious Botanical Ingredients For Naturally Bright Eyes

Beautiful outside and within. Our Organic Eyeshadow is infused with premium certified organic ingredients that care for your eyes throughout the day while you live your best life.

Jojoba Seed Oil:  Infused with skin-loving vitamins and minerals, Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates your skin deeply to brighten and rejuvenate tired complexion.

Safflower Oil:  This non-comedogenic oil strengthens the outer layer of your skin and as a result reduces damage from daily wear-and-tear.

Lavender Oil:  Unlock bright eyes with this soothing essential oil that is known to fade wrinkles and smoothen fine lines.

Green Tea Extract:  An antioxidant that protects your skin, shield your eyes from UV radiation and pollution with Green Tea Extract  so that they stay youthful and bright.

Master The Art of Eyeshadow

Wear a soft natural look for daytime by applying this eyeshadow dry using a brush. Transform your look from day to night by lightly wetting your eyeshadow brush before picking up eyeshadow to achieve magnificent color payoff that turns heads.  

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