Luxury by Sofia 5th Anniversary Beauty Spotlight: Organic Tinted Moisturizer

Beauty begins with yourself.


Luxury by Sofia celebrates every woman’s exquisite uniqueness with organic beauty products designed to feel like second skin. We understand that beauty is personal and beauty rituals should enhance and not erase, bring forth and not hide. Redefine your beauty with natural cosmetics that express your irreplaceable essence.


This edit of Luxury by Sofia 5th Anniversary Beauty Spotlight puts centerstage our Organic Tinted Moisturizer, an innovative skincare-makeup hybrid that empowers women to show off their real beauty with confidence.

Organic Tinted Moisturizer: The Next Frontier Of Skincare-Makeup Hybrids

Tinted moisturizers are great for a more casual finish – kind of like wearing your favorite pair of jeans,” says celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn.


Flaunt gorgeous glowing skin that perfectly catches the light. Promising a coveted healthy glow, our hydro-charged Organic Tinted Moisturizer combines the best of both worlds – it subtly corrects your skin tone and nurtures your complexion with a formulation of premium botanical ingredients. Sport the classic no-makeup look with this vegan face product’s natural sheer coverage, its light-as-air texture blends seamlessly with your complexion and delivers all-day comfort wear even on hot summer days. Experience impeccable skin without the heaviness of a full coverage foundation.


Infused with skin-loving plant extracts, our Organic Tinted Moisturizer delivers intense moisture and nurtures your skin while you live your best life. Witness visible improvements to your skin’s firmness and elasticity long after removing this face product. Available in an assortment of 6 skin-flattering shades, this Organic Tinted Moisturizer is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

Wear Confidence Like A Second Skin

Luminous healthy skin is a major confidence booster. Keeping our Organic Tinted Moisturizer in your arsenal of secret beauty weapons ensures that your skin always looks flawlessly beautiful.


WEAR A NATURAL BEAUTY FILTER:  Achieve an enviable skin-perfecting finish, this all natural tinted moisturizer features a subtle skin tone correcting effect that instantly transforms and revitalizes tired-looking skin while delivering intense nourishment with its unique cocktail of premium certified organic ingredients.


EXPERIENCE LIGHT-AS-AIR SHEER COVERAGE:  Create a flawless visage with our Organic Tinted Moisturizer’s natural sheer coverage which smooths and evens out your complexion for a healthy-looking canvas. Its lightweight formulation delivers breathable coverage throughout the day without weighing your skin down.


BOOST SKIN HYDRATION & ELASTICITY:  Treat your skin to the efficacy of a ground-breaking skincare-makeup hybrid because you deserve the very best. Adored for its efficacy in improving skin firmness and delivering a healthy supple appearance, this tinted moisturizer is a staple in every woman’s skincare routine.


ORGANIC SKIN-LOVING INGREDIENTS:  Designed with your well-being in mind, this tinted moisturizer contains beneficial ingredients including Chamomile Hydrosol, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Shea Butter, that revitalizes and conditions your complexion.


Beauty In Harmony With Nature

Luxury by Sofia’s beauty products are good for your skin and the environment too. Formulated with a healthy blend of organic plant extracts, our Organic Tinted Moisturizer cares for your complexion like no other. Unlike traditional chemically-packed skincare products, our luxurious skincare is free of parabens, sulfates, talc and phthalates.


Chamomile Hydrosol:  The ultimate combatant for skin irritation, Chamomile Hydrosol soothes and calms stressed skin while instantly hydrating it.


Jojoba Seed Oil:  Rich in vitamins and minerals, Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates the deep layers of skin to moisturize and inject firmness without leaving behind a residue.


Avocado Oil:  The antidote to incredibly dry and stressed out skin, Avocado Oil hydrates and defends the complexion against UV rays.


Sunflower Seed Oil:  Full of moisturizing emollients, Sunflower Seed Oil ensures that your skin retains its natural moisture and feels soft to the touch. 


Shea Butter:  Shea Butter contains emollients that deliver extraordinary moisture to dehydrated complexion.

How To Achieve Coveted Radiant Skin

Radiance in a bottle, our Organic Tinted Moisturizer is easy to use even for beginners. Dispense a few pumps of product onto your fingertips and blend it evenly on your face, starting from the center and work outward. Discover more beauty tips on how to incorporate this tinted moisturizer into your routine by reading Tinted Moisturizer: The Best Way To Apply For A Natural Everyday Look.

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