Luxury by Sofia 5th Anniversary Beauty Spotlight: Satin Organic Lipstick

Luxury by Sofia empowers women to be beautiful inside and out.


Delivering the best of clean beauty, our organic beauty products serve ultra-glamorous beauty looks while their unique formulations of all natural ingredients nourish your skin from within for radiant beauty that lasts. Formulated with a beneficial blend of organic skin-loving ingredients and free of toxic compounds, enjoy a peace of mind when you wear our luxurious makeup collection.


In this series of Luxury by Sofia 5th Anniversary Beauty Spotlight, we showcase the making of our Satin Organic Lipstick to unveil its blend of premium certified organic ingredients that transforms your beauty from within.

Beauty Beyond Skin Deep: Satin Royal Lipstick

“On a bad day, there is always lipstick.” – Audrey Hepburn


And on a bad skin day, you can always count on Satin Royal Lipstick to rescue dry and chapped lips.


Indulge in our botanically enriched vegan Satin Royal Lipstick. Enhanced with an innovative formulation of organic plant extracts, this all-rounder lipstick softens and nourishes your lips while delivering extraordinary color payoff. Designed in a bullet shape that traces the natural curves of your lips, this moisturizing lipstick glides on smoothly with exceptional precision and delivers a beautiful semi-matte finish that stays on all day. Choose from a gorgeous palette of 7 hues. This is a lipstick so good you will want to kiss and tell.

Nourishing Lipstick For Every Occasion

Available in a fashionable collection of 7 luxurious shades, our Satin Royal Lipstick dials up the drama with stunning color pigments while ensuring your lips stay hydrated all day with its cocktail of healthy plant extracts.


NOURISH WITH CLEAN BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS:  Formulated with the best organic ingredients, this lipstick nurtures your lips with skin-loving Sunflower Seed, Orange, Sesame Seed and Lemon Grass Oils for soft and supple lips.


EXPERIENCE INTENSE HYDRATION: Kiss dry and cracked lips goodbye. Unlike traditional matte lipsticks that can be drying, our moisturizing Satin Royal Lipstick plumps, fades fine lines and primes the lips for even color application.


A BEAUTIFUL LOOK FOR EVERY OCCASION:  Rock statement lip looks with our couture collection of 7 hues and transform your look from day to night with a single swipe. Create the lip look of your dreams whenever you desire for any occasion.


ENHANCE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY:  Dress your smile with this creamy lipstick that delivers vibrant colors without compromising on long-wear comfort, this lipstick stays put from day to night.


EMBRACE A HEALTHY VEGAN LIFESTYLE: Made for women who desire organic lifestyles, our Satin Royal Lipstick is packed with natural vitamins, minerals and plant extracts that are free of toxic chemicals. This lipstick is non-GMO, non-toxic and free of Phthalate, Petroleum, Gluten.

Organic Skincare In A Bullet

Made for modern eco-conscious women, our premium vegan Satin Royal Lipstick protects your lips from daily wear-and-tear and dramatically improves the appearance of dry and chapped lips.


Sunflower Seed Oil:  An effective ingredient widely found in lip treatments, Sunflower Seed Oil produces moisturizing emollients to keep your lips soft.


Orange Oil:  Loved for its hydrating and anti-aging properties, Orange Oil locks in the moisture of your lips and does wonders for everyday lip maintenance.


Sesame Seed Oil:  A holy grail ingredient for supple lips, Sesame Seed Oil is packed with antioxidants for protection against damaging pollutants. Its healing properties help to strengthen the skin on your lips for a radiant, glowing pout.


Lemon Grass Oil:  Filled with antioxidants, not only does the essential oil soften your lips, its subtle aroma offers an indulgent spa-like experience.


Candelilla Wax:  Candelilla Wax forms a defensive barrier on the surface of your lips to help them retain their moisture and promises a supple appearance.

Create The Lip Look Of Your Dreams

Achieve a soft, classic everyday look by applying our Satin Lipstick with a lip brush. Start from the center of your lips moving outwards to deposit an even layer of product. If you desire a bolder finish, layer additional coats of this lipstick or apply the lipstick directly onto your lips instead of using a brush.

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