Best Selling All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek

Luxury By Sofia’s 5th Anniversary – Beauty Spotlight #1

To celebrate in style Luxury by Sofia’s 5th Anniversary, our first Beauty Spotlight of the year shines the light on our bestselling All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek. Let’s unveil the 5th Anniversary Special Edition of this trailblazing organic makeup product and highlight the cosmetic innovation behind the scenes.

A clean beauty pioneer, Luxury by Sofia celebrates in 2022 five years of delivering only the best natural and organic beauty products. Bringing the efficacies of nature-powered formulations into your hands, we empower women to live their health-conscious lifestyles that coexist with Mother Earth. As we commemorate a significant milestone this year, we renew our commitment to bring you the very best organic ingredients and offer you natural makeup and honest beauty products.

(Re)Discover our All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek

“Cream blush is one of the most trending products right now [1],” says San Francisco-based makeup artist Jackie Barroso. “It gives a very natural, subtle flush to the skin, perfect for the no-makeup makeup look.” 

We cannot agree more with Jackie. Indeed, cream blush is growing in popularity for excellent reasons, and we believe that it is a trend that is here to stay for good. Radiating magnetic confidence with dewy skin that looks lit-from-within is easily achievable with the Luxury by Sofia All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek.

Give your skin a natural, healthy glow

Our All Natural Cream Blush is designed with a bouncy cushiony texture that blends seamlessly onto your skin and livens up your complexion with a healthy flush of color. Infused with ultra-fine color pigments that catch the light for a brilliant glow, achieve luminous, dewy skin that cannot be attained with a traditional powder blush.

This high-performing cream blush features a non-creasing and transfer-resistant formulation, perfect for women busy living their best lives. As you go about your daily routine, this cream blush does not dry down or lose its vibrancy after a long day, ensuring that you always put your best face forward.

Enhance your natural beauty with our 3-in-1 cream blush

To manifest your unique beauty, this versatile three-in-one cream blush can be used on your lips, cheeks, and eyes: 

  • Sculpt and define your face with dust of blush on your cheeks
  • Accentuate the windows to your souls with a dash of warm hue
  • Enchant with a seductive pop of color on your lips. 

Available in 8 playful skin-flattering shades, you can create any look your mood desires, be it all natural or bold and striking.

Developed with clean organic ingredients, this hypoallergenic cream blush is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic, perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin.

A Cream Blush to Radiate Confidence & Live Your Best Life

Beauty can be life-changing, and we want you to experience the transformative power of premium quality makeup that aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle. Here are some are reasons why our All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek should be in your makeup arsenal. Confidence is the best makeup, so blush as you mean it.

Unveil a healthy lucent glow

Nothing spells confidence like a natural dewy glow. Brighten up your complexion with a touch of color or enhance your lips and eyes with skin-warming hues. Express your personality and passions fearlessly. You have so much to offer to this world.

Nourish your skin from within

Beauty is beyond skin deep. Enriched with natural botanical extracts, our plant-derived cream blush is formulated with numerous skin-loving ingredients that hydrate and treat. Get glowing skin long after removing this skincare-infused cream blush.

Sculpt and contour your face

Create striking looks with ultra-dimensional definition. Sculpt and lift your cheekbone with a strategically placed blush on the apples of your cheeks, on the sides of your foreheads and jawlines for a sleek contoured look.

Multi-tasking product for the go-better

Dress up your cheeks, lips, and eyes with a single product. Perfect for busy women on the move, travel light with this versatile cream blush as it enhances all your best features without the need to carry around multiple single-function products.

High-performance formulation

Tired of low-quality makeup products that require touch-ups all day long? Our cream blush will not disappoint. Built to last, our cream blush is designed to be non-creasing and transfer-resistant. Formulated with extraordinary staying power, no touch-ups will be needed no matter where life takes you.

The Power of Premium Certified Organic Ingredients

Enjoy beauty without compromising on your health. Our organic cream blush is developed with skin-friendly natural ingredients that nourish your complexion while delivering fresh, beautiful looks.


Produced by honeybees, Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers to soothe and combat irritated skin. It keeps moisture locked in and defends your skin against sun damage.

Shea Butter 

Delivering intense hydration and skin rejuvenation, Shea Butter is a powerful emollient that gives your skin a natural glow long after removing this cream blush.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, the lightweight Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates the skin to hydrate and revive tired skin without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Olive Extract

Derived from the leaves of Olea Europaea, also known as Olive Tree, this plant extract slows the appearance of aging, calms irritation, and repairs surface layer damage.

Myrrh Oil 

Extracted from the Commiphora Myrrha tree, which is related to the Frankincense tree, Myrrh Oil fades blemishes and intensely moisturizes your skin.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Indulge in the age-defying properties of Rosemary Leaf extract. Not only does this nature-derived ingredient fade signs of aging, but it also boasts anti-inflammatory properties helping calm skin down when exposed to environmental stressors during the day.

How to Make our Cream Blush Work for You?

Whether you are a makeup beginner or a professional, our easy-to-use, high-performance cream blush will help you achieve the look of your dreams. 

Using your fingertips, pick up an adequate amount of this cream blush and blend it onto your cheeks and lips with the warmth of your fingers until you achieve your desired intensity and look. Alternatively, you may choose to blend the product using a cheek or lip brush. 3 Timeless Ways to Wear our All Natural Cream Blush 



If there is room for only one blush in your life, make it the Luxury by Sofia’s All Natural Cream Blush For Lip & Cheek. There is no going back after experiencing its innovative formulation.

Experience now all the natural goodness our cream blush has to offer!


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