Why Use Natural Beauty Products?

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Why Use Natural Beauty Products?

Did you know that our bodies absorb 65% of what we apply on our skin, and that those ingredients make it straight into our blood stream? When I found this out at the onset of my first pregnancy, I made a decision to become mindful of the products I was using on my body.


I stopped wearing makeup

As I got deeply rooted in my decision to avoid toxins and unnecessary chemicals as part of my beauty routine, I found myself looking for natural and organic beauty products that would nurture my health. And though I started out really excited to switch over, I was disappointed when I found that most natural beauty products that I tried were either not effective, or the makeup products didn't match my skin tone. 

I had a hard choice to make - either continue with the makeup with harmful ingredients, or... give up wearing makeup altogether.

So...I stopped wearing makeup completely.

Here are my reasons for why I choose Natural Beauty Products, and you should too:

 1. God created nature perfectly, it needs no improvementI know that all the fruits, vegetables, flowers created in nature are beautiful, fragrant, full of nutrition that's good for us. And I KNOW that God created all of this for us with intention to nourish and sustain us. I don't want to move away from that into Genetically MOdified Organisms. I want to be as close to the goodness of nature as possible. Just look around you, there's perfection! Who can improve on perfection??

2. Chemicals and toxins have a negative effect on our health, our well being and on our connection to the Spirit of God: When we eat and drink what's NOT good for us, our bodies spend a great amount of energy purging all those toxins from our body. And that energy is taken away from higher functions of creativity, feelings of peace and well being. It keeps us from living a full life of purpose and authentic expression, and connection to God.

3. Illness, diseases, and other discomforts can be caused by an excess amount of toxins in our body: We already know that parabens for example are found in breast cancer tissue, so it only makes sense that we would avoid parabens and other suspicious ingredients that can cause female reproductive issues, endocrine issues and the like.

4. Organic products supports organic farming. The GMO farms are taking over rapidly, but buying organic products sends a message all the way down the foodchain that we're interested in and supportive of the organic farming industry and want IT to expand.

5. It's good for the earth, for our environment, and for our bodies.

Do you relate to any of these reasons too? Comment below and let me know what are your reasons for switching to natural beauty products.

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