Hello, I'm Sofia, and I'm so glad we could connect!

I'm an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother, and green lifestyler dedicated to helping you healthify your beauty routine!

I believe you are a Stunning Masterpiece...

and it's my deepest pleasure to help you enhance your natural beauty with skincare & makeup that accompanies you in every occasion while nurturing your health

 I believe that nature knows best...

You shouldn't have to compromise your health for beauty. That's why Organic & Natural ingredients are the centerpiece of my products so you can get incredible results without compromising your health.

I believe that beauty is more than skin deep

I'm a lover of the human spirit, and I know that feeling good inside is just as important as looking beautiful on the outside. My true passion is to help you live a beautiful life from the inside out. Join me in my vlog where I share some tips that I've learned on living a joyful life.

I live in New York, and I enjoy tennis, nature, reading, travel, spirituality, and motherhood most of all!

My mission is to healthify your beauty routine.

My deepest hope is to uplift you so you can shine brighter in the world and look gorgeous doing it!


With All My Love,



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