Ode To A Woman...

She knows who she is
She speaks her truth
She expresses herself
She believes in herself
She's present in the moment
She's strong and beautiful
She's wild and raw, passionate and driven
She doesn't take no for an answer
She finds a way to what she wants
She does what she wants
She doesn't fit the mold (sees no need to fit a mold)
She is sexy
She is gorgeous
She is secure
She is internally validated
She is good enough for herself
She is full of unlimited abilities
She is connected to her Source, to God which is where she gets her strength, her mission, her hopes and dreams
She is confident
She is bold and robust
She is fearless
She follows her heart
She speaks up
She is tenacious
She keeps going
She keeps rising up
She is powerful
She is an adventurer
She is an explorer
She achieves what she sets out to
She is firmly planted in herself
She is authentic
She is graceful
She is giving
She is loving
She is nurturing
She is compassionate
She is playful
She is tender
She is romantic
She is kind
Her depths are yet to be explored
She is dynamic
She is resourceful
She is self assured
She is independent
She feels alive and full of meaning
She is grateful for her life
She is feminine
She is vulnerable
She is in love with her life
She keeps getting better

She Is A Woman