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Our Story

Luxury by Sofia was born of a desire to be beautiful, and be free.

When our founder became pregnant, she began to educate herself about what was in her favorite beauty products. She realized she'd have to turn to organic products to be free of the parabens, carcinogens, lead and more that she avoided for her health and the health of her baby. But she didn't see herself in the organic brands she found--they often felt one-note, and didn't offer enough range to capture the variety and nuances of beauty each woman is capable of.

So she decided to create a collection that could do that: allow women the freedom to create bold looks, feel beautiful, pampered, seen, while also being free from additives and toxins.

Luxury by Sofia believes there's luxury in freedom, in the natural, and in being unapologetically you.

That's why our products are made with premium-quality plant-based ingredients that are always non-toxic, and free: paraben-free, cruelty-free, lead-free, and talc-free. Whatever your beauty style, personal style, or skin type, Luxury by Sofia welcomes you to enjoy beauty on your own terms.

The world is your runway. Be audaciously you.



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