Inner Beauty Part 1: There's Something About You

True Beauty Shines From Within

Hey Gorgeous!

It's not so much about the makeup you wear, or the way you style your hair...true beauty is a glow from within, an aura that you emanate through a bright and beautiful attitude. Women embodying this often don't look like the pop culture image of what a beautiful woman is "supposed" to look like, yet they are gorgeous and love their life. These women are comfortable in their skin, they understand their strengths, and are a pleasure to be around.

The great news is that this inner beauty is something we ALL have! We are born with it! But we often lose it when, for example, we have piles of dirty dishes to wash, laundry to fold, long work hours, or when dealing with rejection, heartbreak etc. Yet we owe it to ourselves to connect to this beauty within and articulate it, so we can bring forth our best self and shine our light brightly in the world. Looking and feeling our best not only improves the quality of our life experience, it makes us better partners, mothers, friends, workers, and community members, so not only are we enjoying our life, we are enriching others lives by extension. Win-win!

So how do we go about harnessing our inner beauty? In this blog series, there will be several articles on implementing this in your day to day life. Here is one simple step that you can start today:

Fall In Love With Your Life

Loving your life does not mean settling for mediocrity. Instead, it's about attaining inner peace about who you are, where you are in life, and where you are going. It's about recognizing all the opportunities that lie in front of you, and feeling gratitude for all that you already have. Before we can move on to changing that which is unsatisfactory in our life, it's imperative to take time to give gratitude for the good that we already have. Why? Because it roots us in a good energetic space from where we can see our dreams and goals with more clarity. So let's begin with gratitude.

A practical example of this is to give thanks for the warm water so readily available for you to wash your hands with, for having the capability to feel the warmth of the water on your skin, for having beautiful hands, for the person who thought of inventing a towel so you could dry your hands easily and so on. Similarly, you could take this attitude of gratitude to every mundane aspect of your life and make it a moment you treasure. Falling in love with your life is not about waiting for the grand moments like a wedding, or a promotion etc - it's about enjoying the simple pleasures that are already present in your life no matter your age or status.

If you find yourself in a bad mood at any time, this technique will have you feeling great within 2 short minutes, guaranteed!

Practice Makes Perfect - spend at least 2-5 minutes practicing this technique in any mundane (perhaps even boring!) task. Find something you can be grateful for and keep piggy backing on it to the next thing and the next till your time is up. Soon it will become effortless and you may even enjoy it! Do take time to notice how your energy level changes when you practice this, and do share your experiences in the comments below!

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