5 Common Face Primer Mistakes To Avoid

Good News: If you are reading this article, chances are you are using a face primer.



However, some of us may need a little advice on refining our application techniques so that we can get the most out of our product. There is nothing more disappointing than creating the perfect makeup look only for it to not last the day. Learn from these common face primer mistakes so that nothing stands in your way of achieving glowing skin!

Using The Wrong Primer For Your Skin Type

Matching face primer to your skin type will allow you to get the most out of this beauty step. Consider using a mattifying oil-control primer for an additional layer of defense against excess shine. If you have mature skin, plump up and smoothen fine lines with a blurring primer that fades imperfections. Need an extra dose of hydration? Quench your complexion with a moisturizing primer!

 Applying Foundation Immediately After Primer

Give your face primer some time to settle before applying makeup. Wait at least a minute for your primer to melt onto your skin and sufficiently dry down before putting on foundation so that your face makeup can glide over the canvas you have created instead of mixing together with priming products.

Not Applying Primer Evenly

When faced with a time crunch, some of us put on face primer in a hurry so that we can get out of the door fast. If the primer is not applied evenly on your entire face, it may result in foundation going on less evenly on certain parts of your face where there is no primer. This may result in an imperfect finish and makeup that does not last.

 Neglecting Your Eyelids

Can’t seem to keep your eye makeup on? Applying primer on your lids will do just the trick! Some of us may struggle with oily eyelids which result in fading eyeshadow and smudging eyeliner. This problem can easily be solved by using the same face primer on your eyelids so that your skin’s natural oils will not break down your eye makeup.  

 Using Too Little Or Too Much Product

Start with a pea-sized amount of face primer and then build up the coverage from there if needed. Using too little primer may not deliver the long lasting power you desire, while using too much primer may cause foundation to slide instead of staying put on your skin.

Now that you know what the common pitfalls are, you can elevate your beauty game by avoiding making the same mistakes! Shop our Organic All Natural Face Primer to perfect your makeup look.

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