5 Toner Myths You Should Stop Believing


Toners can be a little tricky to navigate.



They are lightweight versatile skincare products that can elevate your skincare routine by introducing additional ingredients to supplement your existing regimen without you having to pile on thick layers of skincare. Whether you are new to toners or you are a seasoned user, these are 5 toner myths you should stop believing.

Myth 1: All Toners Contain Drying Alcohols

Toners get a bad rep for being overly drying as traditional toners were formulated with alcohols that deliver an instant oil-absorbing effect and skin-tightening sensation.

However, that is no longer the case for most modern-day toners. Contemporary skincare formulators understand the impacts of harsh chemicals on your skin which is why most toners these days feature hydrating and nourishing ingredients that do not weaken your skin barrier. They can be gentle on all skin types.

Myth 2: Toners Are For Women With Oily Skin

This myth is also a result of traditional oil-stripping toners that had dominated the market for years.

A toner’s main benefit is actually to restore your skin’s natural pH, remove residual impurity traces, while subtly hydrating your complexion. It also helps to prime your skin to better absorb treatment serums and moisturizers. All skin types can benefit from a toner, it is just a matter of finding the right match.

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Myth 3: Toners Can Replace Cleanser

Even though toners can lift dirt, dust, excess oil and makeup traces from your skin, they are not enough to replace your daily cleanser.

This is because toners are not designed for the purpose of cleansing and a product designed to specifically break down stubborn makeup and clean out pores should be used to do that. Toners can, however, be used as a final ‘sweep’ after you have cleansed your skin to remove any overlooked residue.

 Myth 4: Toners Are Not Powerful Enough To Target Skin Concerns

Unlike treatment serums, toners are usually not formulated with an equally high concentration of active ingredients.

However, toners do in fact make a significant difference in helping you reach your skin goals.  They are lightweight solutions which make them great for introducing additional active ingredients into your AM and PM skincare routine without the need to pile on layers of thick skincare. For instance, our Organic Age Defying Peptide Toner is formulated with collagen-boosting MSM which may not be present in your regular anti-aging cream.

Myth 5: Toners Help To Shrink Pores

Your pores don’t open or close so you can’t shrink them.

Pores can appear bigger when they are clogged or when your skin loses elasticity. Even though toners do not directly cause your pores to ‘shrink’, they help to decongest pores by removing impurity traces and those with anti-aging ingredients help to improve skin firmness which can lead to the appearance of smaller pores.

With these misinformations out of the way, finding the perfect toner to complement your skincare regimen will be a breeze. No matter which stage of life you are at, a toner can benefit your skin immensely and help you achieve the glowing skin of your dream.

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