6 Reasons Why You Need A Face Primer

Is a face primer really necessary?



An invisible step that sits between your skincare and makeup, a face primer is essential to every glamorous beauty look. It may be tempting to skip using a primer when you are pressed for time, but not applying a face primer may result in makeup that is streaky, patchy and uneven. Here are 6 reasons why you need a face primer in your beauty ritual.

Let Skincare Do Its Work

Face primer creates a protective shield between your skincare and makeup routine. Having invested time in treating your skin to luxurious skincare products, why let them go to waste by putting makeup on directly and having them interfere with your skincare? Especially for women tackling problematic skin that is prone to external aggravations, such as sensitive skin and acne, a face primer will allow your skincare to do its work while you flaunt gorgeous makeup looks.

Organic All Natural Face Primer



 Extra Skin-Loving Benefits

These days, face primers are loaded with beneficial skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that intensely hydrates your complexion. An additional dose of moisture delivers a youthful supple appearance and helps to prevent face products from flaking, cracking and appearing patchy later on during the day.

Smooth & Even Application

Serving its primary function of creating a smooth and even canvas in preparation of makeup application, a face primer delivers a flawlessly smooth veil that allows foundation to glide on like a dream. A smooth foundation application means that it will be easier to blend color pigments out seamlessly without dragging on your complexion for an effortless airbrushed finish.

Create Makeup Looks Of Your Dreams

Enlarged pores, fine lines and skin redness can get in the way of you achieving the makeup look of your dreams. A face primer can change up your makeup game by taking care of these issues. Blurring primers are designed to minimize the visibility of pores, while tinted primers offer subtle color correction that hides redness. Hydrating primers help to plump up fine lines for a supple finish.

 Achieve A Radiant Glow

A luminizing primer is the secret to achieving a natural lit-from-within glow. If you find the shimmering effect of a highlighter to be too harsh, using a brightening primer lends an understated touch of glow to your complexion without being overly dramatic.

Makeup That Lasts All Day

Using a makeup setting spray may not be enough to keep your stunning beauty looks in place. A face primer is your first line of defense against makeup that tends to smudge. Applying primer to your face and eyelids to control shine and prevent makeup from creasing. It creates a barrier between your skin and makeup so that the natural oils from your complexion will not break down makeup pigments as the day goes by.

Even though a face primer is invisible, it is truly a miracle worker that holds the secret to flawless skin. Try out our Organic All Natural Face Primer and experience skin-transforming results.


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