Discover The 6 Types Of Toner For Every Skin Goal

Traditionally drying alcohol-based toners are a thing of the past.



Modern toners have evolved to be exceptionally hydrating without stripping your skin of its natural moisture and oil needed for optimal skin function. In fact, high-performing toners are now formulated with powerful blends of active ingredients that target specific skin concerns. Discover what a toner is and how you can benefit from it in this article.

What Is A Toner?

A toner is a lightweight lotion that is used after a cleanser and before treatment serums and moisturizers.

Toners are fast-absorbing solutions that balance the pH of your skin so that your complexion bounces back from facial cleansing instantly. It revitalizes tired and dull-looking skin while removing any residual makeup or impurity traces left after the cleansing step. Typically formulated with hydrating ingredients, most toners serve to moisturize with some going above and beyond to deliver active ingredients that can supercharge your skincare routine.

 Hydrating Toners

Hydrating toners are the most common type of toners.

These lightweight tonics are gentle on your skin and suitable for everyday use. They can contain humectants, such as Hyaluronic Acid or Glycerin, to attract water molecules and bind them to the epidermal layer of your skin so that your complexion appears supple and stays hydrated.

 Exfoliating Toners

Certain toners are infused with exfoliating ingredients.

They can include Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy Acids, such as Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid, that effectively breaks down the bonds between dead skin cells to remove them. Regular use of exfoliating toners will counter flakiness, dullness and uneven skin texture to unveil brighter and smoother skin. 

 Astringent Toners

Astringent toners feature oil-absorbing properties to remove excess oil.

Traditionally, most toners were astringent and they contain drying alcohols which strip your skin of oil to deliver an instant tightening effect which is reassuring to women with oily skin. However, these harsh toners can actually cause your oil glands to compensate by producing even more oil. Modern day toners are no longer formulated with harsh astringents. They can contain Witch Hazel which delivers the same oil-absorbing effect but is much gentler on your skin.

 Anti-Aging Toners

Every step of an anti-aging skincare routine matters.

Anti-aging toners enable you to introduce additional age defying skincare ingredients into your regimen without the need to pile on layers of thick beauty products. They can be infused with antioxidants to neutralize wrinkle-inducing free radicals and other active ingredients to boost the renewal of skin cells.

Our Organic Age Defying Peptide Toner is an elixir for glowing clarity and youth. It fights multifaceted signs of aging with MSM that promotes collagen and a blend of nourishing plant extracts that strengthen your skin barrier.

 Soothing Toners

Soothing toners are best for women with sensitive skin.

These calming toners can be packed with balancing ingredients, like Chamomile, that soothes an allergic reaction by reducing redness and swelling. They help to balance your skin’s natural pH so that it can heal quickly.

Brightening Toners

Brightening toners are glow-boosters that promise lucent radiance.

These toners can be formulated with active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, that brightens lackluster complexion while fighting pigmentations and discolorations. They clean out your pores so that they do not get congested which can get in the way of skin clarity.

With so many toner options to choose from, you can find an ideal for your skin goals. Watch out for toners that are still formulated with harsh drying alcohols as these beauty products can strip your skin and weaken your skin barrier in the long run.


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