Eyelighter: The Latest Eyeshadow Fad Explained


Eyelighter: The new trend that is on everyone’s radar.

Highlights draw attention to the features we want to accentuate and create a captivating dimensional effect. For the longest time, every woman is on the quest for radiant glowing skin which popularized highlighting techniques for the face. Inspired by this trend, Eyelighter uses the concept of highlighting to create brilliant eyes. 

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Eyelighter In A Nutshell

Eyelighter uses highlighting techniques to awaken and create brighter eyes. This beginner friendly technique uses minimal products and is a breath of fresh air to heavy smokey eyes, dramatic creases and bold eyeshadow pigments. Eyelighter focuses on using light washes of iridescent eyeshadow to achieve eye-opening effects by catching the light. 

3 Easy Ways To Rock Eyelighter

Choosing The Right Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow selection is key when it comes to crafting beautiful eyelights. Pick eyeshadows that have a shimmery iridescent finish for an ethereal look. Icy cool tones are perfect for subtle light reflections and complement well with pretty pastels and metallic shades. When using a pressed powder eyeshadow, look for those with ultra-fine pigments such as our Organic Eyeshadow as you do not want chunky reflective pigments to be visible on your complete look.

#1. Natural:  Eyelighter can be as simple as dabbing highlighting eyeshadow pigments onto the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up your peepers. Apply a dash of eyeshadow to the high points of your brow bones as well to instantly create a lifted look. Dial up the eyelights by lining your lower lash line with the same iridescent shade.

If you are worried about wrinkles or fine lines being accentuated, apply only light washes of color onto your eyes and avoid going too heavy handed with shimmering shades.

#2. Dramatic:  Ready to take it up a notch? Instead of applying eyelights strategically, apply highlighting eyeshadow on your entire eyelids to let light bounce off the illuminating pigments and enhance the natural shape of your eyes. To minimize fall outs when gunning for this look, use an eyeshadow brush with denser shorter bristles to pat eyeshadow onto your lids before fading harsh lines with a dry blending brush. You may also use a damp eyeshadow brush to pack on eyeshadow to achieve intense color payoff.

 #3. Retro:  Bring back the 80s with a retro blend of icy cool tones. Swipe frosty blue eyeshadow all over your lids before applying a touch of icy pink hue on your lower lash line. Complete the look with a va-va-voom fanned out lashes that open up your peepers. Wear this retro look for a fun girls’ day out or save it for a party!

Highlights do not have to be reserved for the face. Take your eye makeup to the next level with eyelight techniques that range from natural, dramatic to retro for an upgraded makeup look! 

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