Foundation vs Tinted Moisturizer: Which Is Best For Me?

Unlike traditional colored cosmetics with no skincare benefits, choosing tinted moisturizers that suit your skin type makes sense as they deliver more than just skin tone correcting results.



Therefore, it is recommended that you examine the ingredient list carefully to spot ingredients that may help to address your unique skin concerns.


Foundations offer a wide range of coverage options from sheer, medium to full buildable coverage. In comparison with tinted moisturizers, foundations tend to be more pigmented and deliver higher color payoff that is better suited for stronger color correction and concealment of imperfections. However, this does not mean to say that they are heavier as you will only need a bit of product to achieve the desired coverage.

If you are not concerned with hiding imperfections and want to let your natural skin shine through, a tinted moisturizer may be best for you. It delivers a sheer veil of coverage that eliminates some redness but will not be as effective against severe blemishes or dark spots.

Skincare Benefits

As its name suggests, a tinted moisturizer is basically a moisturizer with a hint of color. If ensuring that your complexion receives the hydration it needs is your priority, then a tinted moisturizer with a formulation of nourishing botanical extracts and humectants will be a life saver. However, do remember to remove tinted moisturizer with a gentle makeup remover at the end of the day as it is after all still a colored cosmetic product.

To find out more about what this versatile product can do for your skin, read How Tinted Moisturizers Can Benefit Your Skin Type.

Makeup Finish

Foundations promise many beautiful skin finishes, such as matte, velvet and dewy. You will be able to change up your look quite dramatically using a foundation. On the other hand, tinted moisturizers generally deliver a dewy finish when not used together with a setting powder or mattifying primer.


If embracing minimalist beauty is your goal this year, then a multipurpose product such as a tinted moisturizer will fit your lifestyle more than a foundation. Using this all-in-one face product means you do not have to pile on layers of makeup on your face and you can be out the door in no time. Tinted moisturizers are better alternatives for women who desire fuss-free beauty, who wish to travel light or simply need a quick pick-me-up to run errands on the weekends.


You may need additional tools to apply a foundation. Liquid foundation can be applied with your fingertips but you can achieve a smoother finish with a foundation brush. You will require a sponge or beauty blender to put on cushion foundation and an appropriate brush to swipe on stick and powder foundation.

Tinted moisturizers are best applied with the warmth of your fingertips which helps to boost absorption of their beneficial skincare ingredients. If you prefer a pared down approach to makeup application, then you should choose tinted moisturizers.

Luminous glowing skin is easy to achieve with the right face product. No matter your choice, we have the best luxurious Organic Tinted Moisturizer and Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation to take your beauty game to the next level.


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