How Self Love Can Change Your Life

Ever wonder why some days you feel more powerful, confident and beautiful, in contrast to other days when you feel like you barely want to move from bed? those days are the ones that no matter what is happening around, you just don't feel comfortable in your own skin. If so, did you realize that all the beauty and also the insecurities come from within? If your answer is yes, read this … 

I want to share a personal story with you, and it is from one of the toughest times of my life. The lessons I learned were life lessons for me and that is what makes me so passionate to write and share my experience with you. It all started at a time when I was working full-time at a job, I did not envy that much and due to many tasks, most of the days I worked even overtime. The tasks were so overwhelming that I barely got to take a moment for myself. In the beginning, I had the energy and the motivation to focus on everything and just learn, but after some time it comes to a point that you just can’t give more and you start going down.

As a result of all this situation, I couldn’t focus like I used to, didn’t even set priorities, create a to-do list and tasks interfered with each other. Also, I didn’t spend time with my family and friends, I couldn’t take care of my beauty routine and I barely even thought of having extra activities aside work. Felt so moody, ugly and had low-self-esteem. After a few weeks, I realized that during this time I didn’t do stuff that brings sparkles into my life. After crying a few times and had very reflective moments, I said to myself:” No matter how much I like working and challenges, none of these would make sense as long as I am not myself’s number one priority.” 

But here is where the adventure starts and this quote doesn’t end just a dusty thought. Based on my experience, I would like for anyone to take some time and reflect on some of the tips I will share below. They were life-changing for me, and I strongly believe they will be the same for you.


How to feel good?

1. Find the job that you enjoy

Find the job that you enjoy

I quit my job. I am not encouraging any of you to do the same, because I love working and I still work. I just quit the job that my heart wasn’t passionate about. I realized that in this world there are so many opportunities. No matter how hard the work might get, don’t give up, always try your best and fix situations that you can. Try to enjoy every moment, even the little moment when you have your coffee by yourself or with your co-workers. Life is too short to waste it feeling bad and angry at yourself. It is a fact that when you do stuff that you enjoy you will feel better.

2. Identify the good parts about yourself and change what you don’t like


Stop for a minute and write down 10 things that you most like about yourself and 10 things that you would like to change. Take those 10 good things you like and embrace them, feel them within you. After you start feeling better about yourself, make a plan on how you are going to change things that you do not like, but prioritize them, and start one by one. You will realize that within a few days you will feel more powerful and aware of yourself and your surroundings.

3. Spend time with your loved ones

spend time with your loved ones

Quality time with your loved ones will definitely help you feel more relaxed and empowered. Sometimes we forget that we have people that we can count on and share our worries. Days seem so short, however, when we look back, so many things happen and many things change so fast. Thus, all these changes affect our mood and confidence and as a result after some time we might feel exhausted, lose our energy and lack motivation. It is known that talking to others helps you feel more relieved, so invite them over for tea and let it all out. Most of the time it is not about the response you get, but to have someone listen to your thoughts and concerns.

4. Find beauty in little moments

find beauty in little moments

Go out for a walk, watch a movie, plant a flower, smile at people, watch a sunrise or sunset by yourself, create a TO-DO list, meditate, read or anything else that makes you feel alive and aware. Those are important moments that might seem so little, but in essence, they really make your life special and fill up your heart. Therefore, try finding your hobbies and integrate them into your life, even if it is once a week.

5. Make “beauty time” a routine

beauty time

After you come back home and feel so tired, take a moment to relax but never go to bed without washing your face and prepare for night time. Try finding the cream that fits your skin, the best shampoo for your hair, and smoothest cream for your body. If you don’t love yourself the way you are, other people will feel the same about you. As long as you feel comfortable with your skin you will feel better about yourself eventually. Hence, make skincare your priority of the night and use organic products that will have positive and healthy effects on your skin.

6. Start each day with a happy thought


Try to wake up thinking positive thoughts, try to smile for no reason, and eventually, you will see yourself already in a better mood. Making happy stories for yourself and having a goal to reach is a good way to motivate yourself to focus and work harder. Good thoughts can change your whole day. Everyone knows that when you are struggling it is so hard to stay positive, but if you can try to do so, and really believe in it, you will see that now on you will look at struggles from another perspective. 


Have hope! And when you start taking these steps and doing many more things that you enjoy, you will see yourself feeling more confident, powerful and beautiful. A combination of these will help you enjoy every day of your life with people you love. So, take care of yourself you little angel, life has something special for you just have to believe in it and work on it.

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