How To Choose A Cleanser For Your Skin Type

Dreamy velvety-smooth skin can be achieved with beauty products that match your skin type.



Cleansing is an essential everyday step so it makes sense to find the best cleanser fit by studying its formulation and ingredients. The perfect cleanser for your skin type will be one that balances its natural characteristics without causing any irritation. “It is extremely important to cleanse your face the right way, by choosing a face wash that is appropriate for your skin type,” says dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad.

Dry Skin

Women with dry skin experience itchy and tight sensations that can be accompanied by the appearance of flakiness or dull skin.

Look for gentle cleansers with moisturizing ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Seed Oil or Glycerin. These powerful hydrators effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities from your skin while leaving a thin film of moisture over it to soothe signs of dryness. Choose a richer cleanser texture, such as a cream or oil cleanser, to hydrate and strengthen your brittle skin barrier. Avoid face washes with microbeads to avoid over-exfoliating and drying out your complexion.

Oily / Combination Skin

Oily skin tends to have large visible pores and a greasy sheen that forms quickly after cleansing. Women with combination skin will experience oiliness on their T-zone area.

Combat excess oil by using a face wash with oil-control and purifying properties. Skincare ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Charcoal will help beat excess shine. While the tight and clean sensation delivered by foaming cleansers may feel reassuring, avoid using them as they can strip your skin of its natural moisture, prompting it to produce more oil. A lightweight gel cleanser can leave your skin feeling refreshed without any feelings of heaviness.

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Sensitive Skin

Women with sensitive skin are prone to irritation especially when introducing new products into their beauty ritual.

Cleansers with soothing skincare ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, helps to calm inflamed skin and ease any stinging or burning sensations. They can also reduce redness and minimize swelling. Steer clear of known irritants like paraben, drying alcohols, artificial fragrances, and lead. Instead, choose mild cleansers that are hypoallergenic.

Normal Skin

People blessed with normal skin has a balanced complexion that does not suffer from overt dryness or oiliness. They do not experience flakiness, redness or a greasy sheen.

Most cleanser types will suit women with a normal skin type. Ultimately, the best fit for you will depend on your personal preferences, lifestyle habits or the environment. A lightweight gel cleanser can leave your skin feeling refreshed on a hot day, while a moisturizing milk cleanser can quench your complexion after having spent a long day in a drying air-conditioned office. An ultra-luxe cream cleanser delivers intense hydration during the cold winter season, while an oil-based cleanser helps to break down stubborn makeup traces.

Radiant glowing skin is within reach. Choose cleanser according to your skin type so that it complements your skincare regimen and helps you achieve your beauty goals.

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