How to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes can make you look tired, sick, or even older than you are. It's no wonder so many people are interested in getting rid of them! But while there are many remedies out there that promise to help with this problem, not all of them work. That's why we've come up with our own list of tips for how to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes at home without spending a ton on products or visiting an expensive spa.



Make Sure To Remove Your Makeup At Night

You should make sure to remove your makeup at night. If you're using a gentle cleanser and cotton pad, it's easy enough to do this quickly. Make sure that all traces of makeup are removed before cleaning with a toner if you wear foundation. If not, skip the toner step altogether and move on to moisturizing! Don't forget, washing your face before going to bed can help prevent puffy eyes and dark circles too!


Wear Sunglasses When Outside

Sun's UV rays can cause damage to your eyes, which can lead to dark circles and puffiness. Wearing sunglasses will help protect your eyes from these harmful rays by blocking them out of your line of sight.


Drink Lots Of Water And Get Enough Sleep

Drinking water is good for your skin, and it's also an easy way to help your body get rid of toxins. Drinking water helps flush out waste products that have built up in the body through the day. If you don't drink enough water, it can lead to bloating and indigestion as well as constipation and that's not something anyone wants!

Drinking plenty of fluids will also keep you hydrated throughout the day so that when nighttime comes along (and with it those dark circles), there's less chance they'll show up on your face or under those puffy eyes. Plus: drinking lots of H20 means feeling fuller faster with fewer calories consumed; this makes reaching for less-healthy snacks less likely during times when hunger strikes unexpectedly (like during work breaks). And finally drinking plenty of H20 keeps energy levels high all day long, so no need for energy drinks either!

Use A Cold Compress

A cold compress is a great way to reduce swelling and inflammation. To make one, soak a washcloth in ice water and lay it across your eyes for 10 minutes. You can also add cucumber slices to the cloth if you want an extra-relaxing feeling while you sleep at night, just don't use them if they have been exposed to pesticides!

To ensure that your skin is healthy enough for this treatment, don't apply cold compresses on broken skin or open wounds (unless there's no alternative). Also avoid using them on areas where there are any visible veins; these may become discolored as a result of being chilled too much.

Try Eye Drops For Puffy Eyes

Eye drops are a good option for people who want to reduce puffiness. If you're wondering how to use eye drops for puffy eyes, you can find them over the counter at your local pharmacy and they're not recommended for people with glaucoma.

  • To start, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, then pat them dry with a clean towel or tissue.
  • Next, tilt your head back slightly, but don't bend it forward! This will help prevent any excess product from running into your tear ducts (which could cause irritation).
  • Squeeze one or two drops into each affected eye using an applicator tip attached directly onto the bottle cap itself; this will ensure accuracy without wasting any precious product!

Drink Tea Before Bedtime Or Right When You Wake Up

If you have dark circles and puffy eyes, drinking tea before bedtime or right when you wake up can help. Tea contains antioxidants that fight inflammation, theanine (a natural relaxant) and caffeine. All of these things work together to help reduce puffiness as well as treat dark circles.

Do Facial Exercises And Massage Regularly

If you want to get rid of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines under your eyes, then you should do facial exercises regularly. Facial exercises help tone muscles that support skin around the eyes and improve circulation in this area. This will make them look fresh and well-rested without any signs of fatigue or stress.

You can do the following exercises:

  • Smile - smile broadly for 10 seconds, then relax your face for another 10 seconds before repeating again.
  • Smile with raised eyebrows - raise both eyebrows as high as possible while smiling broadly; hold this position for 10 seconds before relaxing again.

Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles Don't Have To Be A Part Of Your Life

You can get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes with a few simple steps. The first thing to do is use a cold compress on your eyes before going to sleep at night. This will help reduce swelling, which can cause puffiness as well as dark circles. Next, drink lots of water during the day so that you stay hydrated and avoid dehydration that causes bags under the eyes (and dull skin). If you wear sunglasses regularly when outdoors or in bright lights, this will also help prevent shadows from forming under your eyes by blocking out UV rays, the main cause of pigmentation changes in skin cells called melanocytes that trigger discoloration like freckles or age spots on top of dark circles themselves!

Some eye drops contain caffeine which constricts blood vessels thereby reducing redness caused by dilated capillaries underneath visible tissue such as eyelids; however, these drops only work temporarily so don't expect miracles overnight, but rather over time as part of an overall regime for healthy living habits including diet choices such as avoiding sugar-laden foods/drinks along with regular exercise sessions each week throughout summer months when temperatures rise higher than average due heat index levels rising above 100 degrees Fahrenheit per day, which means more sweat glands producing more sweat secretions onto surfaces where bacteria thrives causing irritation around nostrils making them itch uncontrollably leading us all into terrible cycles where we scratch noses too often causing further irritation again resulting back into bad habits instead focusing.



We hope you feel inspired to try out some of these tips and tricks. The best way to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles is to take care of yourself, your body and mind. And we know that can be hard, especially when you're stressed out about other things in life! But trust us: the more time you spend taking care of yourself, the better off you'll be. So take some time tonight before bedtime (or even right now if you have an hour free), put on some relaxing music or candles if possible, drink some tea while reading through this post again just one more time, then go ahead and enjoy those relaxing moments knowing they will make tomorrow brighter than ever before!

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