Mascara Mistakes: 7 Things You May Be Doing Wrong


Applying mascara should be as easy as brushing your hair, right?



Not really. Even though swiping coats of mascara onto your lashes may seem like a no-brainer, there is so much more to the art of creating gorgeous lash looks. After all, you are applying cosmetic products very close to your eyes which can potentially affect the delicate skin around them too. Here are 7 common mascara mistakes that even seasoned makeup wearers may be making.

Organic Eyelash Mascara


Not Prepping Your Lashes

Do you whip your mascara wand out of its tube and go? You may want to slow things down. Just like how you cleanse your face before applying skincare or makeup in the morning, cleaning your lashes before putting on eye makeup can prevent a host of serious eye problems. Cleanse your lashes with a gentle face cleanser or eye makeup remover to rinse off bacteria and impurities. Comb through your lashes to remove any dirt particles that may clog hair follicles or potentially cause a clumpy lash look, before curling your lashes with a sanitized lash curler.

Curling After Applying Mascara

This one’s a big no-no. Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis explains, “Once your lashes are coated, curling them can easily break them. Plus, the curl will look funky because the mascara causes a really sharp, unnatural bend.” If you want to avoid lash loss and an awkward chunky lash look, remember to curl your lashes before putting on mascara. We like to heat up our lash curler under the nozzle of a hair dryer so that the extra heat can help to seal in the curl all day.

Pumping Mascara Wand Into The Bottle

A classic mascara mistake, some of us may be guilty of this when we are pressed for time or trying to access the product at the bottom of the bottle. Pumping mascara wand in and out of its bottle brings air into the tube which causes product to dry out and you may end up with clumps on our lashes. Instead, twist your mascara wand carefully out of the tube and scrape off excess on the sides of the opening. This way, you will not have excess product left on the tip of the wand which can cause a major smudging accident on the inner corner of your eyes.

Coating Only 1 Side Of Your Lash

Unlock drama-courting voluminous lashes with this simple trick. After applying mascara on the underside of your lashes, coat the top side as well, before doing it again on the underside. This method deposits more product onto your lashes giving them a denser and more sumptuous look. Our Organic Eyelash Mascara features a volumizing formula so a little product goes a long way.

More Is Not Always Better

Although more coats of mascara can lead to intense thick lashes, more is not always better. If you have already coated both the top and bottom sides of your lashes but would like an even more dramatic effect, use a disposable wand to pick up translucent powder and lightly coat it onto your lashes. Then, go back with a few more coats of mascara over your lashes. Voila, envy-worthy feathery volume without the excess weight of overloaded mascara which can cause premature breakage.

Wiping Off Wet Mascara Smudges Immediately

It is tempting to wipe off fresh mascara smudges with tissue instantly. However, doing so while the formula is wet will only spread the smudge and cause an even bigger mess. Let the slip-up dry before removing with a clean cotton swab. Use a cotton swab soak with moisturizer for stubborn stains. Alternatively, you may choose to work on your eye makeup and clean up any boo-hoos with eye makeup remover before applying face makeup.

Using A Mascara For More Than 3 Months

This one’s an absolute NO.

“Microbes thrive in dark, damp conditions, like the inside of a mascara tube,” says ophthalmologist Diane Hilal-Campo, “Whenever you apply mascara and replace the wand in the tube, microbes from your lashes and skin will contaminate the brush and, in turn, contaminate your mascara. These bacteria can contribute to a host of infections, including styes and conjunctivitis.” 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that you should replace your mascara after 3 months. Not doing so may lead to painful eye irritations which will end up keeping you away from eye makeup for some time. A study (link to: has found that 79% of expired mascara tested contain harmful infection-causing bacteria, so do toss out mascara that you have been using for 3 months.

Mascara application can be an overlooked aspect of most women’s beauty rituals. As it is applied close to the delicate areas around our eyes, it is important that we take extra care of our lashes and include preventive steps to avoid painful eye irritations and infections.

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