This or That – Regular Foundation or a BB Cream

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to makeup, but the one that frustrates me the most is foundation vs BB cream. I love how my BB cream looks, but I need full-coverage. I like how long my regular foundation lasts before needing to be touched up, but it's hard to find one that matches my skin color. You can find a good foundation at any price point if you try them all!




I love The Way A BB Cream Looks, But I Need Full Coverage


If you love the way a BB cream looks, but need full-coverage, try a foundation.

BB creams are lighter and more sheer than foundations. They also have less coverage than most foundations. If you want something that covers your blemishes and redness while still looking natural, try one of these 10 best tinted moisturizers instead!

If you're looking for something hydrating and moisturizing (but not too heavy), then this might be the right option for you! Tinted moisturizers help protect against premature aging due to sun exposure by containing SPF 15 or higher in them--and they can come with some added benefits like evening out skin tone or even adding some color enhancers to brighten up dull complexions (like our favorite).

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I Like How My Regular Foundation Blends, But It's Hard To Find One That Matches My Skin Color

  • There are three main types of foundation:
  • Liquid. This is the most common type of foundation, and it comes in a bottle with a pump or a squeeze tube. It's easy to apply and blend out, but it can be difficult to find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.
  • Powder. Powder foundations are easier than liquid ones because they're not as messy or time-consuming--you just dab them on with your fingers or brush over your face until you reach the desired coverage level! However, they tend not to last as long as liquids do (about 6 hours versus 12-14) so if you want something long-lasting then this might not be right for you, but if not then go ahead! Just make sure whatever product type suits your needs best before purchasing anything else because there's no point spending money unnecessarily ;).


I Love How Long My Foundation Lasts Before Needing To Be Touched Up


If you're a regular foundation user, there are several things you can do to help your makeup last longer. First and foremost, apply it in a thin layer! This will help prevent buildup and caking. Next, use a good primer or setting powder before applying the foundation itself. This will help lock everything into place so that it won't rub off as easily throughout the day.

If BB Creams aren't for you but still want something less heavy than full-on liquid foundations with tons of ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that could potentially irritate sensitive skin types (like mine), try tinted moisturizers instead! They offer coverage similar enough to BB creams while providing hydration benefits thanks to ingredients like glycerin which is great at keeping moisture locked into cells while also being lightweight enough not cause breakouts like some heavier foundations tend towards doing over time."

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You Can Find A Good Foundation At Any Price Point If You Try Them All!

  • Lets try our brands and shades in your skin tone.
  • Lets try different types of coverage: full, medium or light.
  • Lets try different finishes: matte or dewy.
  • Lets try our brands to find your favorite!

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There are so many different kinds of makeup out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. But if you try a our brands and experiment with what works best for your skin tone and needs, then I promise you'll find something amazing!

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