Trendy Lash Looks To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Beauty looks that break boundaries.



Drawing influences from popular culture and fashion runways, beauty trends can emerge and become the talk of the town just as quickly as they can fade away. While they may be temporary, trend looks are fun ways to break you out of your comfort zone and discover new beauty techniques that may work well for you. Discover the latest It-List of lash trend looks that you can try out this season.

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Lower Lash Dress Up

A breakout trend of 2022 popularized by hit TV series, Euphoria, makeup with emphasis on lower lash is the next big thing. There is no doubt that Euphoria’s on-screen beauty aesthetics have a distinct impact on the beauty culture. Long considered an after-thought, the influence of this TV show reverses the traditional focus we had put on our lower lashes.

“It’s a fun and quick way to have some extra fun without a lot of fuss,” says celebrity makeup artist Amber Amos, “I know lower lash line looks have been neglected in the past, but [they've been] more so seen as a more editorial and edgier look—Euphoria just helped bring the looks to everyday life."

There are many ways to decorate your lower lash line to express your individuality. Deck out in bold graphic lines such as the reverse cat-eye which involves drawing and extending eyeliner from the bottom of your eye outward and upward. Decorate your lower lash line with rhinestones and cosmetic glitter. For extra volume and emphasis, use a pair of tweezers to glue on small cluster lashes onto your lower lash line after applying mascara.

Sky High Lashes

Incredibly long and lifted, sky high lashes take your eyelashes to greater heights. This emerging trend is evident in the rising popularity of lash lift services where traditionally lash extension services used to dominate. You can rock this trend with at-home tools as well, simply hold a lash curler under the nozzle of a hair dryer to heat it up before curling your lashes. The heat will lock in the curl and hold it for the rest of the day. Finish off with generous coats of mascara.

Feathery Lashes

Unlike defined lashes, the fluffy and feathery lash look lends a touch of soft femininity to your charisma. This irresistible set of lashes can be achieved by first applying a few coats of mascara. Then, dip a separate lash brush in translucent powder and apply a thin veil onto your eyelashes before putting on a few extra layers of mascara.

Embellished Lashes

Give your lash look an instant upgrade. After you have applied your mascara as you usually do, use a pair of tweezers to strategically place metallic individual lashes or lash clusters onto your lash line. Do so with a light hand and choose embellished lashes of similar length to your lashes so as to not overdo this trend.

Spider Lashes

A runway staple, spider lashes may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it can make a bold statement. This clumpy lash look gives your eyes a doll-like look and makes them appear larger and brighter. Choose a mascara with a thickening formulation that has an intense black color, apply at least two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Use the tip of your mascara wand to selectively define and separate lashes into distinct sections to achieve a spider-like effect.

Step out of your beauty comfort zone by trying out a new lash look and you may be surprised by the results. We recommend using our beginner-friendly all natural Organic Eyelash Mascara that has extraordinary staying power so that your trend looks can stay on all day.


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