What Is Clean Beauty And Why It Matters


Beauty is a highly profitable industry.

Valued at $511 billion, the global beauty market continues to experience strong growth year after year. For this very reason, beauty multinational companies seek to capitalize and profit from consumer demand by quickly releasing products with little care for consumers’ health and their environmental footprint. Today, the beauty scene is saturated with products that contain toxic chemicals and ingredients that, even though deliver the cosmetic effect you desire, come at a cost to your health in the long-run.

The Rise Of Clean Beauty

Beauty is best achieved holistically from the inside and out. The skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put on it matters just as much as the foods you consume which nourishes you from within. With growing awareness of the effects harmful skincare ingredients can have on health, consumers have rallied together to push beauty brands toward owning greater responsibility and accountability for the products they launch.  

What Exactly Is Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty’ is an unregulated term so it may be confusing for people who are new to clean skincare.

At the heart of clean beauty, your skin and overall health is our priority. Achieving your desired beauty results do not need to come at a sacrifice. Generally speaking, clean beauty refers to natural cosmetics products that do not contain harsh or toxic ingredients that may damage your skin and health. Compounds such as parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances are commonly blacklisted in the realm of clean beauty, instead organic plant-based ingredients that harness the power of nature are well-loved.

Beyond the effects ingredients have on your skin, true clean beauty brands care about how they are sourced as well. Luxury by Sofia’s formulations are responsibly and ethically sourced. They are free of cruelty, sustainable and do not involve exploitative conditions such as child labor or unsafe working environments.

Consumer empowerment is a lesser talked about but equally important aspect of clean beauty. Being educated and informed about what clean beauty is, such as the long-term effects your skincare products have on your health and the ability to discern beneficial and harmful ingredients, is key. Luxury by Sofia is a clean beauty brand that not only delivers high performing organic skincare and makeup, we take it upon ourselves to be open and transparent about our product formulations and make it our responsibility to educate and empower you to make informed and safe choices. 

Why Clean Beauty Should Matter To You

1. Health: Physical & Mental Well-Being

One of the most important pillars of life is maintaining good health.

Toxic chemicals found in beauty products can penetrate your skin barrier and seep into your bloodstream. Known irritants such as lead and synthetic fragrance can disrupt your endocrine system and deliver carcinogenic properties. Chronic exposure to such harmful chemicals may damage your health in the long-run.

A balanced mental well-being contributes to a fulfilling life. Having confidence that your beauty products are safe lends you a peace of mind while investing in luxurious cosmetics such as those by Luxury by Sofia affords you the indulgence you deserve while supporting your eco-conscious values and lifestyle.

2.  Knowledge Is Power

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bans 11 cosmetic ingredients while the EU bans 1,300 ingredients.

Clearly, regulations are significantly less stringent in the USA and therefore the onus is on us to educate ourselves in order to have the ability to discern safe beauty products for our daily routine. If you are devoted to skincare rituals or wear makeup on a daily basis, then the ingredients in your products will have a significant impact on your health.  

Moreover, bottom-line driven private companies may engage in greenwashing where they unethically convey false or misleading perceptions of their products, making them appear safer than they actually are. Armed with a good grasp of which ingredients are clean and which are not can enable you to cut through the noise and make safe choices.

3. Safety: Suitable For Pregnant And Nursing Moms

Made for women by woman. Our brand founder, Sofia, understands the needs of women intimately and that translates well into the products we design. Our all natural makeup and skincare collections are formulated to be safe for use during pregnancy and nursing. Free of harmful chemicals such as talc, lead and paraben, you can experience important milestones in your life with a peace of mind while looking extra gorgeous. 

4. Confidence In Your Own Skin

Cosmetic technology has improved significantly over the past years so there is no excuse for beauty brands not to formulate products with your health as a priority. Luxury by Sofia honors our commitment to your well-being by delivering premium cosmetics with superior color payoff and efficacies all while living by our clean philosophy. Wear glowing radiant skin with confidence knowing that your beauty ritual is sustainable, free of cruelty and most importantly, does not compromise your health. Because you deserve the best.

Clean beauty may seem daunting because of the many buzzwords and jargons that come with it but Luxury by Sofia is here to support you. We make clean beauty easy and accessible to everyone with our commitment to transparency. If you are new to clean beauty and would like to find out how to build a new skincare routine, read 4 Simple Ways To Build A Clean Beauty Routine

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