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Paris Beauty


The cultural practices that nuance the French lifestyle leave us dreaming about the 4 pm espressos and trips to the boulangerie (a French word for the bakery that is specialized in French-style bread). But what exactly is so charming about the French lifestyle? We have heard it over a hundred times that French women somehow seem to have it all figured out, and if you’ve ever wondered what’s behind their captivating style, chic manners and effortless sophistication, I invite you to keep on reading.

While you may be reading through the lines of this blog, far from the city of fashion or the beautiful French Riviera, you can still live a Parisian lifestyle. We all want freedom and adventures, but what sets French women apart is that they are unapologetically confident. They leave the house looking elegant, roll their eyes at mediocrity, and believe in living a quality life, full of passion, sensory exploration, and style…and that is something you should also believe in.

To live like a Parisian you must ooze chic, look perfectly imperfect, take pleasure in everything you do, kiss in public, slow down and enjoy every inch of you and what you’re doing. French living is more than tossing a baguette into your basket and sipping a cup of coffee, although that would not hurt either. Instead, embracing the French lifestyle and culture is more about adopting some simple practices into your everyday life.


 Here’s how to cultivate a Paris State of Mind 101:

  1. Simplicity

The key to all this natural looks and effortless glamour is just about not trying too much and focusing on your well-being. Looking back to the dictionary to see the meaning of the word simplicity it is explained by words like sincerity; artlessness; naturalness which all leads to the way of the simplicity of manner and enjoying all that little things.

  1. Mindful Coffee Breaks
Mindful Coffee Breaks

Explore and find your favorite café at the corner and drink your coffee while enjoying the enchanting picturesque views writers write so passionately about. It doesn’t have to be near by the Eiffel Tower. Embracing coffee breaks is about taking pleasure in what you are drinking and mindfully savoring each sip. You can’t do it if your attention is somewhere else. Creating a relaxing ambience for your breaks and carving out time in your day to enjoy it can help you feel just a little bit closer to life in France.

  1. Walk more
Walk more

Choose walking to get to feel the smell of freshly cooked Crème brûlée while crossing the streets to go to work. Whether it is a walk in the morning or a stroll after dinner, try the old-fashioned things like the walks around the city instead of heading straight your living room’s sofa. Incorporating walking into one's daily routine is an excellent starting point. It reduces the risk of many diseases and helps you reduce stress. While walking try to reflect on yourself, your life, and positive thoughts. Someday you might feel a little more inspired and empowered to change the world. Take notes of those ideas because, on bad days, they will lift your spirit.

  1. Practice less is more
Practice less is more

One of my favorite characteristics of living a French lifestyle is the belief in the idea of replacing unnecessary consumerism with the idea that less is more. The space limitations in terms of apartments and closets have instilled in them this beautiful idea of less is more.

  1. Prioritize skincare over makeup
Prioritize skincare over makeup

We shouldn’t make skincare a complicated process. French women focus more on great-looking skin, so they can have simple makeup looks and it works. We often hear about treatments that damage gentle facial skin, resulting in buying more makeup to cover it up. However, French women pay special attention to their skin through elegant, natural skincare solutions. Try using our Luxury by Sofia natural makeup products that help your skin and increase your self-esteem.

  1. Slow Down & Allow Leisure
Slow Down & Allow Leisure

Take it slow and steady. Don’t deny things you love. Take a moment and enjoy whatever makes you happy. Many say it is easy to say, hard to do, but it is not really. We have only got one life, and if we stop ourselves from doing what we want, then whose life are we living? At least that is not the French way to do it. Learning to slow down and not pack your schedule with errands is one of the more challenging French lifestyle tips to follow.

  1. Practice pleasure rituals
Practice pleasure rituals

Feeling good is as important as looking good. Long baths, facials, massages, any type of treatment for the body are not luxuries; they're essentials—no matter how busy your life is.

  1. Follow sunsets
Follow sunsets

There are no pictures that can realistically depict the colors of magical sunsets we get to see in life. Enjoy enchanting sunsets like a real Parisian, as every sunset is a new opportunity to get amaze of the beautiful things our ecosystem serves for us.  

  1. Practice little joie de vivre
Practice little joie de vivre

Joie de vivre = Joy of living

Practicing the joy of living is the fundamental component of living under the skin of French culture. Of course, this does not mean dancing around the town and singing about how great life is, although you can if you want to. But the way joie de vivre secret lies in savoring the simple pleasures in life soaking up every inkling of sunshine by simply sitting in chairs and excelling at the art of doing nothing.


Mademoiselle, you are ready to live Parisian. Au revoir! 

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