3 Timeless Ways to Wear our All Natural Cream Blush


There is no one best way to apply cream blush. Regardless of the occasion or the look you want to adopt, Luxury by Sofia helps you design a wide variety of makeup styles with its All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek. Unleash your creativity!

Transform your Entire Look with Just One Beauty Product

Choosing to apply blush differently can dramatically transform your overall look. With premium certified organic ingredients, our All Natural Cream Blush for Lip & Cheek is a versatile beauty product essential in every woman’s makeup kit or vanity. It affords you a healthier and revitalized complexion in an instant. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, Luxury by Sofia has rounded up – just for you – 3 basic techniques that are must-haves in every woman’s daily routine rulebook.


1.  Naturally Flushed

Get a natural, youthful look without the fuss

Nail an all-natural rosy flushed look that conveys effortless youth and beauty. Recreate the subtle healthy flush that appears after you exercise by following these easy steps. First, pick up our All Natural Cream Blush For Lip & Cheek with a blush brush. If you need to, wipe off excess product on a kitchen towel to avoid applying too much and look unnatural. Brush our cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks with a light hand. Slowly apply more pressure to build up the color intensity. Blend our organic makeup blush upward and toward the top of your ear in a straight line. To get an elegant all-over glow, add some blush onto your chin, nose bridge, forehead, and just above your eyebrows.


Click here for the Naturally Flushed Tutorial

2. Lifted Look

The perfect go-to blush technique for all face shapes

A universally flattering blush technique for all face shapes, achieve a captivating lifted look with this technique. This basic blush technique can slim and elongate your makeup look, especially with a round face shape. Start by using a blush brush to apply our cream blush onto the area right above your cheekbones. Ensure sufficient distance from your eyes to avoid an irritated eye look. Gently glide your brush from your cheekbones toward your temples in a straight line. A higher blush placement like this will deliver the illusion of a youthful and lifted appearance.

Click here for the Lifted Look Tutorial 

3. Contoured Beauty

Dare bold contours to achieve an intense, defined look

If achieving striking definition is your cup of tea, this technique is designed for you. Our versatile All Natural Cream Blush For Lip & Cheek can be used as a blush and contour at the same time. Select a deeper blush hue from our collection of skin-flattering eight shades, find the hollows of your cheeks and place your brush where it is starting near your ear. Then, gently and slowly guide your brush downward to your cheeks. Gradually apply more pressure to build up the color intensity. As this is a bolder look, a slow pigment build-up process will ensure that you will not end up with harsh lines and unnatural contour. You may also add our cream blush to the sides of your nose bridge, under your jawlines, and on your forehead tracing your hairline.

Click Here for the Contoured Look Tutorial

With Luxury by Sofia’s innovative organic makeup products, transforming your looks from day to night has never been easier. Experiment today with these basic techniques using All Natural Cream Blush For Lip & Cheek, and give us your feedback! 


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