5 Beauty Tips To Achieve Naturally Healthy & Long Eyelashes

Eyelashes go through stress every day.



Even more than we realize, our lashes are subjected to aggressors from our daily habits. From enduring heavy layers of mascara, being weighed down by false lashes and stuck together by lash adhesives, these stressors can lead to lash loss, stunted lash growth, brittleness and damaged hair follicles. It is important to care for them because our eyelashes function as protective shields that prevent debris, sweat and dirt from entering our eyes. Incorporate these lash care tips in your beauty regimen and you will be well on your way to flaunting naturally healthy and long lashes.


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Comb Lashes Regularly

An eyelash comb is the best investment you can make for your lashes. Comb through your lashes every day to remove debris and dirt that may have been lodged there during the day to keep your hair follicles unclogged. Apply a generous coat of eyelash serum to condition and strengthen your lashes so that they are less likely to break before growing to their full length.

Proper Eye Makeup Removal

Rough eye makeup removal is a crime against lash care. Use an eye makeup remover instead of a regular facial cleanser as the former is specifically designed to be gentler on the eyes and be more effective at removing stubborn water-resistant formulations. Avoid using makeup wipes that drag on your lashes. When removing false lashes, first soften the adhesive with some eye makeup remover before pinching the outer edge of the lash strip and gently pulling it away from your lash line. Be sure to clean your reusable falsies thoroughly after every use to prevent transferring leftover dirt and bacteria to your lashes when reapplying them.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Soothe itchy and irritated eyes with eye drops rather than rubbing your eyes as it introduces unnecessary strain to your lashes and can cause them to fall out which results in undesirable gaps in your lash line. If prolonged contact lens wearing is causing your eyes to be irritated and dry, give your peepers a break by putting on glasses for a while.

Do Not Share Eye Makeup

Left your mascara at home? It may seem like a good idea to borrow a friend’s just to tide you through the day, but trust us, it actually is the worst idea. Sharing eye makeup products is unhygienic as it can transfer bacteria to your eye and cause an infection. When getting your makeup done by a professional, ensure that your makeup artist uses clean disposable mascara wands when applying mascara to your lashes.

Grow Healthy Lashes Through Diet

A balanced diet rich in beneficial nutrients can enhance the health of your lashes, skin and hair. Foods rich in Vitamin B3, such as peanuts and mushrooms, strengthen brittle and dry lashes, promote hair growth and stimulate blood flow to your lash lines. Tomatoes and cranberries are packed with Vitamin C which repairs follicle damage and enhances collagen production. Spinach and almonds are great options as they are full of Vitamin E which conditions your lashes.

Achieving naturally long and beautiful lashes is that simple. Show some love to your eyelashes by making these lifestyle changes to your daily routine and watch your lashes reach extraordinary heights, literally! 

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