5 Essential Tips To Remove Makeup Thoroughly

Clean skin is the key to glowing radiance.



Wearing makeup all day long can introduce stress to our complexion and when it is not cleansed off properly, residual cosmetic particles can cause congested pores which may lead to a host of skin woes, such as nasty breakouts, dullness and increased sensitivity. Here are 5 essential tips that can help you to remove makeup thoroughly to achieve healthy skin.


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Melt Makeup With An Effective Remover

A good makeup remover should effectively break down even the most stubborn makeup without being too harsh on your skin. If you find that your current makeup remover leaves your skin feeling tight and dry after use, or breaks you out with pimples or rashes sometimes, it is time to find a better fit!

Massage a liquid or balm makeup remover on your whole face and let it sit for a few minutes. Do not neglect your hairline, chin and neck areas where you had applied beauty products early on during the day. Then, rinse off with lukewarm water as extreme temperatures can stress your skin out. Finally, dab dry with a white facial towel so that any residual traces of makeup will be visible.

Be Kind To Your Skin

Unlike daily household chores, scrubbing harder is not the best way to attain a clean complexion. When dealing with waterproof makeup, use a potent makeup remover, such as a cleansing oil, designed to break them down before washing your face with a cleanser. Alternatively, choose halal or water permeable makeup products such as those by Luxury by Sofia that are just as long lasting as waterproof makeup yet they can easily be removed with a gentle cleansing milk.

At-Home Facial Steaming

You have had a long day, now how about relaxing with a DIY at-home facial steam? Wind down with a lukewarm shower and then proceed to fill a sink or bowl with hot water. Hover your face over for 1-2 minutes to let the steam penetrate your pores so that your makeup remover can more easily remove debris later on. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the hot water for an indulgent spa-like experience!

Be Gentle With Your Eyes

The eye area is the most sensitive part of your face. Rough scrubbing can lead to winkles, cause eye infections when cosmetics get into your eyes and trigger lash fall. Instead of using cotton balls that tend to leave fibers behind, opt for eco-friendly reusable bamboo pads and soak them with eye makeup remover. Leave them on closed eyes for at least 10 seconds before wiping off dissolved makeup.

Avoid Using Makeup Wipes

Not only are makeup wipes not eco-friendly as they generate a ton of unnecessary waste, they drag on your skin and the harsh friction results in micro-tears which weaken your skin barrier over time. Using makeup wipes do not thoroughly cleanse your skin as they tend to smudge makeup around your face instead of removing them properly and they can push makeup residue deeper into your pores.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is to never sleep with makeup on. Clean skin is indeed the foundation to glowing radiance so follow these essential skincare tips to remove your makeup thoroughly and properly to reveal healthy complexion!

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