5 Glamorous Eyeshadow Trends To Try In 2022/2023


In 2022/2023, it’s all about the eyes.

Change up your eye makeup game and take it to a whole new level by nailing any of these 5 glamorous eyeshadow looks that are set to dominate the beauty scene this year. From runway to editorial, these breathtaking eyeshadow trends will empower you to radiate confidence and feel beautiful inside and out.

1. Negative Space Eyeshadow

A playful eyeshadow trend that has been blowing up on social media, the iconic negative space eyeshadow look is exactly as its name suggests. Using a cream or powder eyeshadow, draw along your upper lash line from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer corners with an angle brush and continue the line by bringing it inward along your crease line. This graphic eyeshadow look can be done using black eyeshadow for striking intensity or a pop of vibrant jewel hue for daytime.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes, simply use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to clean up the edges. Set this hot eyeshadow look with translucent powder or setting spray to prevent it from moving.

2. Monochrome Makeup

Stylish and ever so chic, the monochrome makeup look is far from fading out of trend. To achieve a fresh-faced rosy look, dress up your eyes and cheeks with matching pastel hues. Our Organic Eyeshadow in Dusty Lilac and Royal Lipstick in Pink Lilac make a perfect pairing. If pastel is not your thing, rock neutral brown hues on your eyes and lips to bring out your natural beauty. Match the shimmering brown shade from our Organic Eyeshadow in Olive Trio with our Luxe Organic Lipstick in Caramel to exude understated elegance.

3. Metallic Eyeshadow

It’s your time to shine. Metallic eyeshadows are not just reserved for evening soirees. Achieve effortless glamor by swiping on shimmering eyeshadows to create spellbinding gilded looks that draw all eyes on you. For maximum impact, dampen your eyeshadow brush before picking up the eyeshadow and use a patting motion to pack on colors on your eyes.

4. Bejeweled Eyes

A trend popularized by Euphoria, a hit tv series, bejeweled eyes take metallic eye looks up a notch. It’s all about drama with this look so think bright eyeshadows, adornments and jewel embellishments. Start simple by adding rhinestones to the inner corners of your eyes or you can go all out by decking your entire lash line with embellishments. Bejeweled eyes will ensure that you are the star of the ball.

5. Neon Eyeliner

This eye makeup look can be created with neon eyeshadows. Using our Organic Eyeshadow in Tangerine, pick up some product using a damp angle brush and draw a line across your upper lash line ending with a flick. Set with translucent powder and clean up the line with concealer for more precision.

Flaunt your gorgeous eyes with these trendy looks that make a statement. These glamorous eyeshadow looks are easier to nail than you think and our Organic Eyeshadow can help you to recreate them with ease.


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