5 Popular Types Of Eyeliner Explained

The world of beauty is full of surprises.



Just when you had mastered your recent eyeliner purchase, a new eyeliner takes the beauty scene by storm with its new take on innovative formulation, color, design or liner type. From pencil, liquid to gel, we take a closer look at 5 popular types of eyeliner and discuss which is best suited for the look you want to achieve.

1. Eyeliner Pencil

Touted as the most beginner-friendly eyeliner, an eye pencil is one of the most popular choices of beauty products among makeup addicts. Featuring a creamy tip that is either retractable or requires sharpening, an eye pencil glides on effortlessly to dress up your lash line for eyes that pop. Our retractable All Natural Eyeliner Pencil in a universally flattering black shade is water-resistant, smudge-proof and does not lose vibrancy as the day goes by. Wear it close to your lash line for subtle definition or dial up the drama by donning a thicker eyeliner line.

2. Liquid Eyeliner

A beauty staple on the runway and every makeup junkie worth their salt, liquid eyeliners deliver beautiful bold looks that turn heads. Even though liquid eyeliners are less easy to master than eye pencils, the glamorous looks they deliver are worth it. Perfect to draw stunning graphical shapes, sport trendy winged liner, graphic liner or cat-eyes with this versatile beauty product. It is important to note that their liquid formulations can dry fast so they are not suitable for smudged smokey looks.



All Natural Eyeliner Pencil - Black


3. Pen Eyeliner

Want the best of both pencil and liquid eyeliner worlds? You can achieve the intensity of a liquid eyeliner with the ease-of-use of an eye pencil using a pen eyeliner. A pen eyeliner typically features a felt-tip that dispenses just the right amount of liquid formulation and you can hold it steady just like a pencil. It is easy to draw precise lines using a pen eyeliner while applying more layers to build up intensity.

4. Gel Eyeliner

Packaged in small pots, gel eyeliners are applied using an angled or eyeliner brush. This eyeliner type may seem intimidating at first but they are so much fun! Because they have higher wax content, gel eyeliners are perfect for smudging to create sultry smokey looks. Start by lining your lash line for an elegant touch of definition and if you are feeling adventurous, use an eyeshadow brush to smudge the gel liner upward and outward. However, gel eyeliners can be difficult to line waterlines with.

5. Cream Eyeliner

Similar to gel eyeliners, cream liners are designed for smudging which makes them ideal to create enchanting smolders. They work very much like cream-based eye shadows and can be applied onto your eyelids like an eye shadow. Pro tip: When smudging cream liners out to create a smokey eye, blend a deep brown eyeshadow along your crease line to fade the cream liner with your skin for an alluring gradient effect.

Makeup offers limitless fun and play! Experiment with a new eyeliner type to change up your look every now and then to discover a style that suits your mood. Read 8 Fashionable Eyeliner Looks To Wear In 2022 for more style inspirations. 

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