5 Reasons Why A Tinted Moisturizer Is Essential To Your Beauty Routine


Turn around bad skin days with this beauty essential.

A multipurpose beauty producttinted moisturizer is an underrated superstar that instantaneously brightens up your skin and uplifts your mood. Whenever blemishes or skin sensitivity strikes, you can always fall back on a tinted moisturizer to correct redness while delivering a much-needed dose of hydration. Here are 5 reasons why every woman needs a tinted moisturizer.

Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

Unlike foundations which only conceal imperfections without targeting your skin concerns, a tinted moisturizer offers a sheer veil of lucent coverage and much more. A versatile skincare-makeup hybrid, tinted moisturizers are great especially for dry and sensitive skin as its concentrate of hydrating ingredients can help to strengthen a weakened skin barrier. Formulated with beneficial vitamins and natural plant extracts, the right tinted moisturizer nourishes your complexion while giving you a radiant glow all day.

Light Natural Coverage

Additionally, tinted moisturizers do not cake unlike some foundations. Tinted moisturizers sit lightly on your skin and allow it to breathe without the uncomfortable feeling of heaviness. Its sheer coverage means that there is a greater margin of error with a less-than-perfect shade match.

Dewy Skin In A Single Step

Gone are the days where you have to painstakingly layer on primer, foundation, highlighter and other beauty products to achieve the dewy skin look. A tinted moisturizer can do just that with a single swipe. Bring out your natural beauty by blending tinted moisturizer out on your face using your fingertips and witness your tired complexion come to life.

Fuss-Free and Time-Saving

These days, women are too busy chasing their dreams to worry about complicated beauty rituals. We want fuss-free natural cosmetics that allow us to create our ideal makeup looks all while saving time. Simplify your everyday makeup routine with a tinted moisturizer. Achieve flawless skin in less than a minute with just one product.

Redefining Multi-Purpose Beauty

You deserve the best of beauty with high performing makeup that delivers more than one function. Let your eyeliner or mascara smudges dry before removing them with cotton swabs dipped in tinted moisturizer. Turn your tinted moisturizer into a face or eye makeup primer to achieve long-lasting makeup. Read 5 Unexpected Ways To Use Our Tinted Moisturizer to discover tricks that can help you get the most out of your tinted moisturizer.

Versatile multi-function cosmetic products are the future of beauty. Experience the many benefits of our Organic Tinted Moisturizer and we promise you that you will not look back.


When it comes to skincare-infused makeup, it makes perfect sense to take your skin type into consideration as well when finding the right fit. Luxury by Sofia’s Organic Tinted Moisturizer contains all the skin-loving ingredients mentioned in this article and will work wonders on all skin types.


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