5 Surprising Ways To Use A Highlighter

Makeup play has no limits!



Besides using your beauty products for their intended purpose, versatile cosmetics such as a highlighter can be used to elevate your beauty in more ways than one. Highlighters are typically sheer and shimmery which makes them perfect for layering over makeup or adding a little dazzle on places other than your faces.

Glamorous Body Shimmer

Dress up your décolletage with a sensuous veil of luminosity. Using a large powder brush, dust highlighter over your collarbones and take it a bit higher to the base of your neck for a camera-ready glow. If you will be wearing an off-shoulder top or dress, highlight down the outside of your shoulders to catch the light as you move. This beauty hack is great for an outdoor party or a glamorous evening soirée. Additionally, highlighter can be applied on your shins to create the illusion of longer and more toned legs.

Defined Brows

Can’t seem to find your tweezer? Conceal stray brow hairs and create the appearance of defined brow arches using a highlighter. Trace a sharp line above and below each brow using a highlighter and blend out the edges.

Erase Wrinkles

Fade creases and laugh lines with the help of your trusted highlighter. Using a thin eyeliner brush, draw highlighter directly onto creases and blend them out slightly using your fingertips to soften the appearance of wrinkles. The highlighter will reflect light and make the grooves appear less deep.

Brighten Up Your Eyes

Highlighters are not just reserved for your cheekbones! Dab a hint of glistening highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and the center of your lids to immediately awaken and create a wide-eye look. Blend highlight onto your brow bones using an eyeshadow brush to add dimension to your eye makeup look.

Pro Tip: Line your waterline with a dazzling highlighter to perk up your eyes instantly.

Metallic Lips

Metallic lips are all the rage this year. Breathe new life into a matte lip color by dabbing on highlighting powder onto your lips using your fingers after applying lipstick. Then blend out the iridescent powder using a clean finger.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to makeup application. Do what feels good and show off your most confident self with makeup that expresses your authentic radiant self!

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