5 Tricks To Make Eyeshadow Last Longer


Eyeshadow that does not last is a deal breaker.

Every woman has had the experience of creating stunning eye makeup looks only to see them fade and lose vibrancy as time goes by. This can lead to many rounds of reapplications and touch-ups which can take you away from your everyday life. In this article, we have rounded up 5 tricks that will make eyeshadow last all day so you don’t have to touch up at all.

1. Choose Long Lasting Formulations

Oftentimes, poorly formulated eyeshadow is at fault if you find it nearly impossible to keep your eyeshadow on for no more than a few hours. As our eyelids naturally produce oils, eyeshadows that are not built to be long lasting will break down more easily and end up creasing and smudging your lids. 

When shopping for eyeshadow, look out for terms such as ‘water-resistant’ and ‘crease-resistant’ which signal that the eyeshadow will adhere well to your lids despite the elements. If you have sensitive skin, a ‘hypoallergenic’ eyeshadow will less likely trigger a reaction which means you will not be constantly applying eye drops or rubbing your inflamed lids.

Our Organic Eyeshadow features ultra-fine powder that adheres to your eyelids like second skin. Its water-resistant and crease-resistant formulations glide on smoothly and its weightless texture ensures that it does not slide off even on a hot day.

2. Create An Eyeshadow Base

An eyeshadow base is not to be confused with an eye primer. An eyeshadow base encompasses everything that you do to prepare your eyelids prior to applying eyeshadow and that can include putting on eye primer, applying moisturizer or other beauty products.

Wearing eye primer helps eyeshadow to latch onto it and ensures that it does not move. It creates a barrier that inhibits your eyelids’ natural oils from breaking down shadow pigments. Don’t just apply it on your lids, blend it out to your brow bones and bottom lash line to minimize smudging.

If you do not have an eye primer, you may use a foundation or a face primer to create an eyeshadow base. Our Organic All Natural Face Primer will do the job perfectly!

3. Layer Eyeshadow Texture

Who says that you have to stick to one eyeshadow texture for a makeup look? Layer your eye makeup starting from the heaviest texture and ending with the lightest. Apply a cream eyeshadow before using a powder eyeshadow to set the cream-based product and extend the life of your eye makeup. Alternatively, you can use our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder to set your eyeshadow.

4. Apply Eyeshadow With A Damp Brush

Using a spray bottle, lightly dampen your eyeshadow brush with water before picking up eyeshadow pigments. This allows eyeshadow to glide on smoothly and look more intense. Applying eyeshadow with a damp brush is particularly useful for shimmering eyeshadows that tend to get messy with fallouts under your eyes.

5. Seal Makeup With A Setting Mist

Just like how you prep your skin with a face primer, sealing your makeup with a setting mist as the final step of your makeup routine helps to lock in any loose pigments so they stay put all day. A setting mist also helps to make colors look brighter and instantly refreshes your complexion for a natural glow.  

Eyeshadow that does not last is every makeup junkie’s nightmare. Incorporate these 5 tricks into your daily makeup routine so you don’t have to deal with repeated touch-ups ever again!


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