5 Tricks To Make Your Foundation Last

Is your foundation sliding off your face by noon?



Especially during summertime, you may find it harder to keep face products where they should be. Foundation that does not last will transfer onto clothing, become streaky, form dry patches and fade even after repeated touch ups. Here are 5 foolproof tricks for long-lasting face makeup that will not budge.

It’s In Your Skincare Routine

Healthy skin is the secret to foundation with exceptional staying power. According to makeup artist Dominic Skinner, a good base is “70% preparation and 30% application”. After cleansing your skin and rinsing off excess sebum and dirt that may interfere with face product application, apply a lightweight moisturizer and let it dry down before putting on foundation. Avoid moisturizers that are too heavy as they can cause your foundation to slide.

Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation



Prime Your Skin

A critical step between your skincare routine and makeup application, priming your skin using our Organic Natural Face Primer creates a barrier between your complexion and face product. This creates an impeccable smooth canvas which allows the foundation to glide on like a dream without leaving streaks in its trail. If you require more coverage, a tinted primer provides additional color correcting effect so you will not need to pile on as much foundation to cover up imperfections.

Using A Brush Instead Of Fingertips

While the warmth of your fingertips is great for blending out liquid formulas, the natural oils from your fingers may end up mixing with your foundation causing it to break down quicker and not last the entire day. If you find that your foundation does not stay on well even after a good skincare routine and using a primer, try using a stippling brush or a beauty blender instead.

Set With Powder Or Spray

Setting foundation with our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder gives you a gorgeous velvety-matte look. For the most natural effect, apply powder only on your t-zone where it is most prone to oiliness. If you desire a fresh dewy look, use a setting spray instead so that your makeup will not crease and budge. "Setting sprays melt all the layers of makeup together and prolong the wear," says celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello.

Blot Before You Touch Up

Use a blotting sheet to remove excess sebum before reapplying your foundation. This prevents your face makeup from piling on top of your skin’s natural oils and resulting in congested pores. Keep clean makeup sponges on standby for quick and fuss-free touch-ups.                                                                                                         

Foundation should stay where they belong – your face. Incorporate these 5 makeup tricks and take your beauty game to the next level! 

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