5 Types Of Face Powder You Should Have On Your Radar

Face powders have been popular way before liquid and cream formulas became mainstream.



Powders are loved by many women for good reasons. This beginner-friendly format is easy to master, more forgiving when it comes to application mistakes and is suitable for all skin types. Discover the 5 types of face powder you should have on your radar and find out which one best suits your needs.

1.Translucent Powder

Translucent powders are essential to every makeup look. This colorless beauty product is not tinted and therefore does not deliver any coverage. A thin veil of lightweight ultra-fine translucent powder like our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder goes a long way to prolong makeup wear and mattify your look for a velvet airbrushed glow.

This type of powder looks white when in its compact but turns invisible when applied onto your skin, making it flattering for all skin tones. A skin saver for women with oily or combination skin, translucent powder has the added benefit of absorbing excess oil which helps to control shine.

2. Mineral Powder

Mineral powders are rising in popularity as they are made of minerals instead of synthetic ingredients, just like our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder. Minerals are micronized, grounded or milled into ultra-fine powders that are either used on its own or added with skin tone pigments. As they are not packed with chemicals, mineral powders are less likely to irritate sensitive skin or exacerbate existing skin conditions such as acne.

 3. Pressed Powder

As its name suggests, pressed powder is powder that is pressed into a pan and packaged in a travel-friendly compact that slips easily into your purse. These lightly tinted powders offer light coverage that helps to subtly color correct, conceal blemishes and boost the coverage of your foundation, while delivering phenomenal staying power.

4. Loose Powder

Unlike pressed powders, loose powders are contained in a small jar and tend to get messy especially in the hands of a makeup newbie. They are made up of small powder particles that are finely milled and they feel extremely lightweight and comfortable on your skin. Oftentimes, these loose powder formats are slightly tinted and offer light skin coverage.

5. HD/Finishing Powder

Similar to translucent powder, HD or finishing powders deliver no coverage. They are designed to deliver an exceptionally flawless matte finish while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines. However, this type of powder is more likely than translucent powders to give you a white cast especially when under strong lights. Some finishing powders may also be ashy looking on darker skin tones.

There is no best face powder type, only the best fit for your skin type and desired makeup goals. All of these powder types deliver stellar performance so no matter which you choose, you will be in safe hands!

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