6 Beauty Hacks To Make Eyeliner Last

Crack the code to longwearing eyeliner.



While seemingly unachievable, eyeliner that stays sharp and smudge-free throughout the day is possible with a few of our favorite beauty hacks! Read on to find out how you can wear your signature eye makeup looks without having to constantly touch up.

1. Select Long-Lasting Formulations

Contrary to popular belief, your eyeliner does not have to be waterproof for it to stay put till the evening. Thoughtfully designed water-resistant eye pencils with long-lasting formulations will do just the trick. Plus, they are easier to remove with makeup removers at the end of the day! Create a natural or bold look with a peace of mind as Luxury by Sofia’s All Natural Eyeliner Pencil stays crease-free and does not budge.

2. Prep Your Eyelids

Cleanse and moisturize your eyelids to remove excess oil which can cause eyeliner to break down and fade prematurely. Hydrating your lids also primes it for eye makeup application that glides on and adheres well. Next, apply eye primer to create a smooth barrier between your lids and eye makeup. A matte foundation or concealer will work just as well if you do not have an eye primer.

 All Natural Eyeliner Pencil - Black


3. Extra Care For Oily Eyelids

If you have oily eyelids, blot them with a tissue before applying an eye primer. A good trick is to dust on a thin layer of translucent powder to soak up excess oil before wearing your eye makeup.

“Before applying eyeliner, you want to make sure the eye area along the lashes is free of excess oil. To do this, lightly dust along the lash line with a very small amount of translucent powder to absorb excess moisture and oil, and then apply your long-wear eyeliner and powder for maximum eyeliner longevity,”  says makeup artist Kathy Jeung. 

4. Layering Never Gets Old

After applying eyeliner, let it dry or set before dusting on a small amount of translucent powder with short strokes before drawing on a second coat of eyeliner. Not only does this trick deliver staying power, it intensifies your eye pencil look as well. Alternatively, you can use an eyeshadow that is of the same shade as your eyeliner in place of translucent powder.

5. Don’t Skip The Setting Spray

Seal your makeup with a setting spray. Point it 6 – 8 inches away from your face and mist it in a circular motion to evenly cover your entire face. Keep your eyes close while the setting spray dry to prevent your eye makeup from smudging and creasing.

6. Portable Blotting Sheets

Combat mid-day shine by storing blotting papers in your purse. Whenever your lids start to look shiny and before you touch up your eye makeup, dab off excess sebum with a patting motion to avoid moving your eye makeup.

Eyeliner that stays sharp and smudge-free is within reach. With these 6 eyeliner hacks, your stunning eyeliner looks will be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons!


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