6 Lip Liner Tricks For Gorgeous Lip Looks



Every woman owns lipstick.

But some of us have yet to incorporate a lip liner into our daily makeup routine as this beauty product may appear to be one that is reserved only for special occasions or used by professionals. While a great lipstick can already deliver stunning lip looks and ensure that your lip makeup lasts all day, using a lip pencil can take your pout to a whole new level.


1. Choose Lip Liner According To Your Beauty Look

Lip pencils can accomplish results lipsticks cannot. When choosing a lip liner shade, you can match it with your lipstick color, go a shade darker or choose a nude hue. Wearing a lip liner shade that is the same color as your lipstick can subtly define your lips while looking natural. A lip liner with a darker shade can create the illusion of fuller lips by redefining your natural lip line. A nude lip liner shade can act as a color corrector by smoothing out uneven tones on your pout and allow your lipstick shade to stand out even more.

2. Sculpt Your Lips For Extra Dimension

Striking lip looks are usually accompanied by well-sculpted lips. To achieve this polished look, sharpen your lip pencil before every use to create defined lines along your natural lip shape. If you prefer a fuss-free experience without having to clean up pencil shavings, opt for a retractable lip liner like our Organic Royal Lipstick.

3. Achieve Enviable Volume

For women who desire a more voluptuous pout, add volume to your lips by drawing a lip pencil of a darker shade than your natural lip color just outside the lines of your lips. Be careful not to over-draw as it can result in an unnatural and fake look. For the best effect, pair your lip liner with longwearing water-resistant lipstick formulas so that your reshaping efforts are not visible even after a long day.

4. Double Up Lip Liner As Lipstick

After sculpting your lips with a lip liner, use the same product to fill in your entire lips. Doing so will ensure that there is no liner-lipstick color mismatch and it is perfect for busy women who need pared down beauty routines. You are good to go from here but you can also choose to layer lipstick on top of your lip liner. In this instance, your lip liner will serve as a base that helps to intensify your lipstick color.

5. Experiment With Playful Gradient Lips

Get creative with ombre lips featuring beautiful 3D effects. Outline your lips with a darker lip liner and feather some product inward while leaving the center of your lips bare. Then, apply lipstick on as usual and make sure to blend out the color evenly to erase any harsh lines.

6. Touch Up On The Go

Carry with you a travel-sized bottle of micellar water and clean cotton buds. In case of any bleeds, soak a cotton bud with some micellar water and gently clean up your lips’ edges. As micellar water does not contain oil, it will not break down lipstick pigments. Alternatively, use a concealer and a lip brush to correct any mistakes or soften the edges.

You are missing out if you have not incorporated a lip liner into your beauty routine! Give our beginner-friendly Organic Royal Lipstick liner-lipstick hybrid a try and we promise that you will be rocking striking lip looks that turn heads in no time.


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