6 Makeup Hacks To Ensure Your Lipstick Lasts All Day

Tired of lipstick that feathers, smudges, fades or stains your teeth?



Keeping lipstick on throughout the day is a collective struggle amongst women. Whether we are busy with endless meetings, spending a casual day out with friends or exploring our favorite parts of town during our alone time, having to constantly check in on our lip makeup and touching up after every sip of water can be a deal breaker. No matter your lifestyle, incorporating these 6 makeup hacks into your beauty routine can lead to a fuss-free lipstick experience. Even better, leave your lipstick at home because you won’t need to touch up at all. 

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Lipstick and chapped flakey lips do not go well with each other. As your lips continue to flake and chip off during the day, your lip color comes off as well leaving you with a patchy look. Use a wet washcloth or a lip scrub to get rid of stubborn dead skin cells before reaching for a lipstick. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm and let our Luxe Organic Lipstick  do the rest, this vegan lipstick is infused with nourishing nature-powered ingredients such as Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, that will keep your lips hydrated all day.

2. Prime Your Lips

Prepare your lips for lipstick application by applying a thin coat of our Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation. Using our lightweight foundation as a lip primer helps to fill in the cracks of your lips, create a smooth even base, while color correcting so your lipstick stays true to color. You may apply our foundation using a makeup blender or simply blend it using your fingertips with a tapping motion.

Luxe Organic Lipstick



3. Line All Over

A lip liner is not reserved solely for the edges of your lips. Start by sculpting your lip shape and trace the outline of your lips using a sharp lip pencil. This step helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding out. Instantly lend extraordinary staying power to your lipstick by filling in the rest of your lips with the same-shade lip liner before applying the lipstick. The additional protective barrier between your lips and lipstick ensures that your luscious pout looks stunning from day to night.

4. Lipstick With Longwear Formula

Do not let your efforts go to waste by using a poor quality lipstick. Not all lipsticks are built the same, while some may deliver great color intensity, they may not be built to last. Our Luxe Organic Lipstick features exceptional all-day wear and it does not lose vibrancy as you go about your daily routine.

5. Set Your Makeup

Just like how you would set your face makeup with a top coat of translucent powder, set your lipstick by blotting off the excess with a tissue. Do so by gently pressing your lips over a tissue. Then, apply a second coat of lipstick if you wish to achieve intense color and then blot off the excess again. Finally, for a superior lasting effect, either dust a thin veil of our Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder over your lips or use an eyeshadow in a similar shade to set your lips.

6. Eat & Drink With Ease

It is inevitable that our lips will come into contact with foods and drinks during the day. Minimize pigment transfer by drinking with a straw. We recommend using a reusable straw as it is a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic to avoid lip stains on glasses or coffee cups.

Avoid consuming oily food items as grease can act like an oil-based remover. It breaks down your lipstick making it more susceptible to a transfer when you eat and may cause lip color to smudge outside your lip lines. Wherever possible, opt for smaller bite-sized snacks or meals that you can cut into smaller pieces.

While smudging lip makeup can be a hindrance in our daily lives, it does not have to be. Shop our longwearing Luxe Organic Lipstick and incorporate these tried-and-tested makeup hacks into your daily routine to achieve effortlessly beautiful lip looks.


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