6 Types Of Highlighter For Dazzling Radiance

Highlighter is the key to unlock dazzling radiance.



While a proper skincare routine sets the foundation for a natural glow, a highlighter takes your luminosity to the next level. Its pearlescent shimmers catch the light to add exceptional dimension to your skin. From a subtle polished finish to an otherworldly brilliance, these 6 types of highlighter will deliver envy-worthy glow.

1. Powder Highlighter

Powder highlighters are the most popular type of highlighter. They are illuminating powder pressed into a pan and packaged in a sleek compact that easily slips into your purse. Ideal for all skill levels, powders are easy to work with as they blend well and do not require you to work fast before they set.

Luxury by Sofia’s All Natural Face Highlight Pressed Mineral Powder features a luxurious gold hue that feels like royalty. Its iridescent sheer powder texture delivers an ultra-luxe warm glow. Swirl a fan brush or a blush brush in the highlighter compact, tap off excess, then use a sweeping motion to dust highlighter over the high points of your face.

If you are layering a powder highlighter over liquid or cream face makeup, ensure that you set your face makeup with powder, such as our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder, to help your powder highlighter glide on smoothly without creasing.

2. Liquid Highlighter

In general, liquid makeup is a tad trickier to nail than powder formulas but deliver exceptional color payoff. A runway staple, liquid highlighters are super pigmented and a single drop can deliver the most gorgeous glow. However, they do require a swift application and you will need to blend them out before they dry.

Apply liquid highlighter before setting with translucent powder. Dot highlighter directly onto the high points of your face before using your fingers, a foundation brush or makeup sponge to blend it out.  This versatile beauty product can be mixed with liquid foundation for an all-over radiance.

3. Cream Highlighter

Similar to liquid highlighters, cream highlighters are intensely pigmented but require you to work quickly. These ultra-hydrating formulas are perfect for dry or mature skin. To apply cream highlighters, pick up some product on your fingertips and gently tap them onto areas where you want to achieve glow. Then, blend it out using a makeup sponge or brush for a polished finish.

4. Stick Highlighter

Stick highlighter resembles a thick crayon. These shimmering sticks can be held like a pencil to deposit highlighting glitter onto the high points of your face easily, such as your nose bridge, cheek bones and brow bones. After doing so, blend it out effortlessly using your fingertips or makeup sponge.

5. Strobe Cream

Strobe cream are designed to deliver a beautiful lit-from-within glow. This illuminating product can be used as a brightening base before applying foundation for natural luminous skin. It can also be mixed with your liquid foundation for a healthy all-over glow or used after and strategically placed only on the high points of your face.

6. Jelly Highlighter

A fun and innovative texture, jelly highlighters are the newest kid on the block. They have a unique jelly-like consistency that delivers a natural flush of pigmented radiance that can be gradually layered on to build up intensity.

Highlighter is essential to every glowing makeup look. Choose your perfect highlighter match by considering the level of radiant intensity you would like to achieve and whichever product type feels the most comfortable for your skill level to unlock exceptional glow.

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