Accentuate Your Eye Shape With These Eyeshadow Techniques

The best eyeshadow look is one that accentuates your natural eye shape.



Before you dive into choosing the most flattering eyeshadow texture and color, discover subtle eyeshadow application techniques that will dress up your eyes for every occasion.

Almond Eyes

This symmetrical and balanced eye shape can pull off almost any eye makeup look with little need for rebalancing. To create a classic daytime look, use a matte taupe eyeshadow color over your lids and blend it upward toward your brow bone. Then, apply a deeper matte shade on the outer corners of your eyes and blend both colors together. Add dimension by applying shimmer onto the center of your lids.

Round Eyes

If you have round eyes, focus eyeshadow application on the outer corners and top lash line to elongate your eyes for a more sensuous look. Blend a medium-toned eyeshadow upward and outward to create a magnetic cat-eye effect. Keep makeup on your bottom lash line to a minimum to avoid adding more height. It is best to use a lighter taupe eye liner on your lower lash line and gently blend it out.

Hooded Eyes

Focus makeup on your top lash line rather than your eyelids. Apply eyeshadow along your lash line and blend it out to your crease. Create dimension and bring out the natural shape of your eyes by adding another deeper eyeshadow along your lash line.

Downturned Eyes

The key to applying eyeshadow for downturned eyes is to create a lifting effect to counteract drooping. Focus on applying eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes and blending them upward. Add a dash of highlighting shimmer onto your brow bones to draw attention upward. Avoid heavy makeup on your bottom lash line that can weigh that area down. You can opt to use brown mascara instead of black on your bottom lashes.

Wide-Set Eyes

Draw attention to the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of a narrower gap between your eyes. Apply a medium-toned eyeshadow onto the inner corners of your eyes before working outward. Do not use a light color on the inner corners as it will make your eyes appear further apart.

Close-Set Eyes

The opposite of wide-set eyes, draw attention to the outer corners by applying darker eyeshadow colors on the outer third of your eyes. Blend a lighter eyeshadow color on the inner and center portion of your eyes to balance out this gorgeous eye shape.

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Monolid Eyes

Monolids do not have a visible crease or hood. To achieve dimension through eyeshadow, blend a darker shade at the outer corners of your eyes and bring the color upward to create a faux crease. Dab a touch of shimmer on the center of your lids to brighten and add a 3D effect to your eyes.

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