Bid These 4 Common Lash Problems Goodbye


Are you struggling to achieve long and luscious lashes?



While not all of us are blessed with naturally lush lashes, flaunting fluttery lashes of your dreams may be easier than you think. Before you get ahead of yourself and pile on plenty of lash serums and layers of mascara, understanding these 4 common lash problems and identifying the ones that may be hindering you from getting the results you want is a good first step to getting captivating lashes.


Organic Eyelash Mascara


Short Lashes

Genetics can determine your lash length but your lashes may actually be longer than you think. Eyelashes may appear shorter if yours grow straight out without a natural upward curl. Weak and brittle lashes may break before reaching the final phase of their lash cycle, which lasts about 100 days, so they have not grown to their full length. Strengthen and condition your lashes with essential oils, such as Castor Oil, that promote hair growth. Using a nourishing mascara such as our Organic Eyelash Mascara can fortify your lash strands and reduce the likelihood of premature breakage. In addition, curling your lashes before applying mascara is a great way to give the illusion of longer lashes.

Lash Fall Out

Lash fall out is normal after they have completed their life cycle. However, early fall out can lead to a sparse lash line and contribute to a lack of volume. There are several factors that may cause premature fall out and they include improper lash care, harsh rubbing of your eyes and not using an eye makeup remover designed to melt away stubborn makeup without vigorous tugging. An imbalanced diet and stress may also lead to weak hair growth. Examine your lifestyle to find out if any of these factors may be playing a role in your lash fall out and make conscious changes to eliminate them for good.

Bald Spots In lash line

When lashes fall out only at certain parts of your lash line, it can create gaps which make creating volume in your lashes using a mascara challenging. Highly localized lash fall could be due to excessive lash extensions, lash glue causing lash strands to be stuck together, or the rough removal of false lashes. If your bald spots are due to regular lash extensions, taking a break from it and switching to a conditioning mascara can give your lashes time to recover. When applying false lashes, ensure that your lash glue does not come into contact with your lashes. Use an eye makeup remover to soften lash adhesives before gently peeling your falsies off starting from the outer corner.

Lashes Damaged By Lash Extensions

Frequent lash extension services can cause lashes to fall prematurely. Extensions that are too heavy to handle by your natural lash may weigh them down and cause them to become brittle. If you have the habit of picking at pieces of dried adhesives, you may end up removing your natural lashes by accident. If lash extensions were not done well, they may poke or rub against your lash line and make it prone to bacterial infection and impede lash growth. If you experience any of these symptoms, have your extensions professionally removed and take a break from lash extensions. Use a lash serum to strengthen your lashes or a botanically enriched mascara to help them regain their luster.

Get the most out of your skincare-infused mascara or lash serums by first identifying any obstacles that may derail your quest to covetous lashes and you will rock stunning lashes in no time. Dreamy luscious lashes are within reach.


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