Common Highlighter Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Are you doing everything right but can’t seem to get your glow on? 



Highlighters are easy to use but you may be making some application mistakes that are dulling your shine. In this article, we round up some common highlighter mistakes so that you can unleash your inner gorgeous glow-getter!

Applying Highlighter Too Early

Highlighter is best reserved as the last step in your makeup ritual. Unless you are pre-highlighting by priming your skin with an illuminating face primer or strobe cream, you should apply highlighter after your foundation and in the case of a powder highlighter, it should come after you have set your face makeup with translucent powder.

Wrong Shimmer Placement

Apply highlighter to high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, nose bridge, brow bones, inner corners of your eyes and cupid’s bow. Avoid placing iridescent powder directly onto the apples of your cheeks as this area should be for your blush only. Do not apply highlighter on your entire forehead as this may give a greasy oily skin look. As every woman has a unique face shape, the best way to identify where highlights best flatter you is to shine a torchlight on your face and see where the light hits.

Using A Heavy-Hand

Being generous with makeup is not always rewarding. Don’t go full-on too soon with a highlighter, the most beautiful glow is often subtle. The best way to counter a heavy hand is to use a fan brush to dust on highlighter. A fan brush helps to ensure that you will not pack on too much product and enable you to slowly build up intensity. 

Skipping Face Primer

Glitter highlights can amplify imperfections like fine lines and enlarged pores. A blurring face primer fades the appearance of pores and fills in fine lines to ensure that you get to enjoy the radiant glow of a shimmering highlighter without the unintended side effects.

Choose The Wrong Highlighter Shade

Makeup brands may carry more than one highlighter shade. Choosing a shade that is too light may create an unnatural stark contrast against your natural skin tone while a shade that is too dark may end up looking like a contour instead. When in doubt, go for a shade that resembles the eyeshadow color you usually put on your brow bones, or pick a universally flattering highlight shade like our All Natural Face Highlight Pressed Mineral Powder in gold and you will definitely not end up with an unnatural finish.

Don’t let these easy-to-fix highlighter mistakes get in the way of glowing skin. With just a few tweaks to your beauty ritual, you can rock dazzling radiant skin whenever your mood desires!

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