Difference Between Bronzer Contour Explained


With so many beauty products available, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes!

Bronzers and contours are commonly mixed up even by seasoned beauty addicts. The line gets a little blurry when these makeup products appear similar and are sometimes used interchangeably. In actual fact, bronzers and contours are designed to deliver very different results so depending on the look you want to achieve, you will be needing a different product.

In A Nutshell: Bronzer vs Contour

Long story short, bronzers and contours serve different functions.

Bronzers are primarily used to add warmth to your complexion. Want to achieve a radiant sun-kissed glow that looks like you had just spent the weekend on a tropical getaway? A bronzer’s your best bet!  A misconception about bronzer is that it gives you a fake tan, but it actually serves to deliver a natural warm glow instead of darkening your complexion.

On the other hand, contours are developed to add shadow and dimension to your face. Great for sculpting and defining your face shape, contours are applied to where shadows naturally fall and are generally used to balance your face. Want a slimmer nose, lifted cheekbones and sharper jawline? Contour’s your girl!

Bronzer – Radiant Sun-Kissed Beauty

If a bronzer is what you need, read on!

Nail a head-turning radiant glow by using a bronzer to add warmth to your complexion. Available in either matte or shimmering finish, bronzers have generally warmer tones than contours. Swirl a large fluffy brush on our Organic Face Bronzer to pick up a small amount of product and buff it onto your face where the sun naturally hits. When in doubt, sweep your brush down each side of your face in a figure 3 motion. Start from your forehead, follow your hairline and bring your brush to your cheekbones, then swirl it down to your jawline.

Additionally, a matte bronzer can double up as a contour since it is usually 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. Using it as a contour has the extra benefit of sculpting while enlivening your complexion at the same time. If you are using a shimmering bronzer, contour with a very light hand and be wary about where you place the product. For instance, instead of applying shimmering pigments to the hollows of your cheeks, place it just below your blush as you do not want light to be reflected from there.

Contour – Sculpted & Defined Glamor

Do you wish to achieve sharp dimensions?

Look no further, contouring is the way to go! When applied to strategic areas of the face, contouring helps to sculpt and create the illusion of a more defined face shape. Think sharper jawlines, slimmer nose and lifted cheeks. Unlike bronzers, contours are matte and available in neutral brown tones.

Before you start contouring, observe your face and map out which features you want to accentuate or balance. You do not need to apply it all over your face just because beauty tutorials tell you to. If you are satisfied with your nose shape but would like a shorter chin, then skip the nose and apply contour to the tip of your chin. Use an angled brush for face application and a smaller blending brush for hard-to-reach areas like your nose.

Lines between beauty products can get blurry sometimes but there is nothing to worry about! Understanding the primary purpose of a beauty product will help you decide which makeup suits you best. 


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