Flattering Eyeshadow Shades For Your Skin Tone


Spoilt for choices when it comes to eyeshadow hues? 

With almost every color imaginable available as an eyeshadow, it can be overwhelming to choose the best shade that works well for you. Enhance your natural beauty by selecting eyeshadow hues that flatter your skin tone. From classic everyday beauty to high-fashion glamor, learn how to pick the most flattering shade for you.

Dark Skin

When it comes to women with gorgeous dark skin, the bolder the eyeshadow the better. Dark skin beauties can pull off rich luscious hues with ease, from vibrant blues to stunning pinks that make their eyes pop. Incorporate shimmering metallic hues to craft a high-impact statement look that will turn heads.

If you desire a more natural daytime look, lightly brush on hints of burgundy, rose gold or champagne hues to awaken your eyes. Simply reapply with a damp eyeshadow brush to refresh and intensify your look when getting ready for a dinner date.

Use our Organic Eyeshadow in Dusty Lilac, for an enchanting jewel-toned eyeshadow look that captivates.

Olive Skin

Women with beautiful olive skin can pull off any eyeshadow colors, whether they wish to stay safe with neutral shades or command attention to their eyes with bold hues. Stick to golden brown hues to enliven your complexion during the day and dial up the drama with dimensional hues, such as marine blue, emerald green and alluring plum.

Our Organic Eyeshadow in Aqua Trio features a selection of light to rich blue hues that will flatter women with olive skin tone.

Tan Skin

Vibrant and full of life, women with tan skin will find that warm dazzling eyeshadow shades complement their skin tone best. From warm-toned browns, blues to purples, they will have no qualms pulling off any of these looks. Experiment with contrast by wearing cool-toned eyeshadows such as lavender or gray to give your skin an ethereal glow.

We recommend our Organic Eyeshadow in Smokey Trio, featuring a symphony or cool- and warm-toned purple eyeshadows that will suit every occasion.

Fair Skin

Women with fair skin will look amazing with taupe, rose gold, or champagne eyeshadows. These pale eyeshadow hues accentuate your best features without dominating your overall look and drawing attention from the star – you. Spice up your look with gold or bronze shimmers and throw in a few playful additions such as plums and greens to change things up.

Our Organic Eyeshadow in Olive Trio comes with an earthy selection of neutral brown, green and gold hues that brings out the glow in your skin. 


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