Highlighting Techniques For Your Face Shape

Rock a beautiful red-carpet glow with striking highlights.



Highlighting is a makeup technique that requires strategic placement of shimmering powder and therefore it makes sense to tailor your highlighter application to your face shape. There is no one-size-fits-all highlighter application and a subtle difference in technique can dramatically alter your face shape.


Women blessed with an oval face shape generally have symmetrical facial features that are easy to work with. The goal here is to maintain your natural facial symmetry while accentuating your unique beauty. Use a fluffy brush to apply highlighter onto the bridge of your nose and brow bones. Add highlights under your eyes in an upside-down triangle shape to make your cheeks pop. If you struggle with uneven skin texture or visible pores on your cheeks, use a light hand to avoid accentuating your skin texture.


Women with a round face shape can focus highlights on the middle and bottom parts of your face to elongate it. Draw a slim straight line down your nose bridge and blend out the edges. Then, dab highlighter onto the middle and the tip of your chin. When applying highlighter onto other areas of your face, do so with a light hand as you do not want an all-over highlight placement to accentuate the roundness of your face.

Square / Rectangle

A square or rectangle face shape is characterized by a strong angular jawline. This face shape will be best enhanced with a mix of both highlight and contour techniques. Contouring your jawline will give the illusion of a slimmer face shape while highlights can help to soften the sharp edges of your face. Apply highlighting powder onto your temples and top of your cheekbones using a c-shape swiping motion.


Women with a heart face shape have prominent cheekbones and a slim chin. To balance your facial features, apply highlighter onto the bridge of your nose and the middle of your chin to widen it. Complement your highlights with contouring shades applied to your temples to slim that area down.

Beauty is personal and we couldn’t agree more. Enhance your natural beauty by accentuating your unique features with strategic highlight placements that flatter your face shape. Our All Natural Face Highlight Pressed Mineral Powder in a universally flattering warm gold hue is the perfect accompaniment to every woman’s lifestyle.

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