How To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look In 5 Easy Steps

It's easy to look natural if you know how. In fact, there are just five steps to achieving that gorgeous glow!



Step 1: Moisturize With A Hydrating Serum

Serums are super-hydrating and can be used in place of moisturizer. They're especially good if you have dry skin or live in an area with low humidity, like Arizona or New Mexico (where I live). Serums are also more concentrated than moisturizers, which means they'll give your skin a boost of moisture that lasts longer than it would from using just a regular lotion or cream.

A good hydrating serum will contain ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, both known for their ability to hold onto water molecules and keep them close to the surface of your face so they don't evaporate away into thin air (or whatever). Hyaluronic acid has been shown by multiple studies  to increase elasticity over time because it encourages collagen production while helping reduce fine lines by keeping cell turnover rate high enough so dead cells don't build up as much near surface level, which causes wrinkles!


Step 2: Prime With A Tinted Moisturizer Or Foundation

A primer is a great way to create a smooth base for your makeup, which will help it last longer and look more natural. If you have dry skin, primers can help make it appear healthier by filling in fine lines and providing an extra layer of moisture; if you have oily skin, they can help keep shine at bay. For this step, choose either a tinted moisturizer (a lightweight formula with sheer coverage) or foundation (a fuller-coverage product).

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Step 3: Highlight And Contour With A Cream Blush

Now it's time to highlight and contour with a cream blush. Start by using a brush to apply the product on the apples of your cheeks, then blend outwards. Avoid applying too much product here as it will look unnatural if you're using too much!

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Step 4: Set Your Makeup With A Loose Powder

The fourth step in achieving a natural makeup look is to set your foundation with loose powder. This will help to keep the oil away and prevent any unwanted shine from showing through on your skin, which is especially important if you have an oily T-zone or live in a humid climate.

To apply loose powder:

  • Use a large brush (like a kabuki) to pat the product onto the areas where you want it applied.
  • Don't swirl or buff because this can cause caking! Just pat lightly until everything looks even and matte.

Step 5: Finish With A Dusting Of Bronzer, Blush Or Highlighter

This step is essential. If you want to achieve that natural makeup look, you need to use bronzer, blush or highlighter.

Bronzer will help your skin look more radiant and healthy by adding some color back into your face. Blush is used to add a rosy glow that makes the cheeks appear fuller and more youthful-looking. Highlighter can be applied under the cheekbones for an eye-catching effect that enhances any facial features such as eyes or lips without being too obvious about it!

It's easy to apply bronzer: simply rub some onto your brush before dusting on top of each cheekbone using circular motions from underneath upwards towards the outer corner of each eye socket (that's where all our freckles are). For blush we recommend using fingers instead of brushes because this allows better control over how much product gets onto them without making too much mess in general; just make sure not too put too much pressure when doing so otherwise there may be some splatter issues later down road.

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You Can Look Natural But Still Have A Healthy Glow

You don't need to wear a lot of makeup to look good. Natural makeup is better for your skin because it doesn't clog pores, which will prevent pimples and blackheads from forming. It's also better for the environment; most cosmetic products contain toxic chemicals that pollute our water supply, not to mention they're expensive!



So there you have it, five easy steps to achieve a natural makeup look. Remember, the key to looking natural is to avoid heavy or caked-on makeup and keep it simple. You want your skin to be able to breathe and show through as much as possible so that when people look at you they see who they really are not some contrived image of perfection!

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