How To Achieve An Airbrushed Glow With Translucent Powder

Are translucent powders worth the hype?



A beauty bag essential for makeup artists and every day women alike, translucent powders are spotted on many beauty enthusiasts’ makeup shelves. Translucent powders are adored for their mattifying finish which delivers a beautiful airbrushed effect while keeping your makeup intact all day. Here’s the lowdown on how to achieve a flawless airbrushed glow with our organic All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder no matter your choice of beauty tool.

Using A Powder Brush

1. Choose The Best Translucent Powder

Kiss midday touch ups goodbye with high quality translucent powder that preserves your makeup without leaving an undesirable white cast. Our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder delivers a dreamy soft-focus powder veil for smooth velvety matte skin without feeling heavy on your complexion. Apply it with a dome-shaped brush for an even distribution of powder. The larger your brush, the faster it is to complete your look.

2. Set Your T-Zone

A skin saver for women with oily or combination skin, set your T-zone with a light dust of translucent powder to soak up excess oil and curb shine especially on hot summer days. By targeting your forehead, nose and chin, translucent powder creates a barrier to prevent your skin’s natural oils from breaking down your makeup. Glow, not shine!

3. Budge-Proof Your Concealer

All those late nights finally showing up underneath your eyes? Hide dark eye circles with a medium-to-full coverage concealer and set your under eye area with translucent powder. Areas where you layer on more makeup are more prone to wearing off so you will need all the help you can get. Swirl your powder brush on your translucent powder compact, tap brush to remove excess powder and apply using a patting motion.

All those late nights finally showing up underneath your eyes? Hide dark eye circles with a medium to full coverage concealer and set your under eye area with translucent powder area where you

4. Mattify Your Skin With All-Over Dusting

Is an all-over velvety matte skin your thing? Then treat your complexion to an all-over dusting of translucent powder to instantly degrease and mattify your complexion for an enviable airbrushed finish. Apply using a light hand to prevent excess translucent powder from settling into fine lines and appear cakey. Keep your eyes closed and face relaxed for a crease-free finish.

Using A Makeup Sponge

1. Select A Suitable Sponge

Makeup sponges come in many shapes and sizes! The best beauty sponge for the job is one that is egg-shaped and large. A larger makeup sponge can cover a larger surface area which is great for blending out makeup all over your face. An egg-shaped sponge features a larger end that is great for applying products on your cheeks and forehead while its small tapered end is perfect for smaller areas like the sides of your nose.

2. Pick Up Just Enough Translucent Powder

With translucent powder, it can be hard to tell how much product you are packing on your skin. When picking up translucent powder using a makeup sponge, tap the sponge onto your powder compact then press it onto the back of your hand. This helps to gauge how much powder your sponge is loaded up with and allows you to get rid of excess product.

3. Apply To Desired Areas

Similar to using a powder brush to apply translucent powder, women with oily or combination skin can target their t-zone area, including your forehead, nose and chin, to eliminate shine. If you are packing on concealer underneath your eyes to hide dark eye circles, be sure to set it with translucent powder as areas where there is more makeup are prone to wearing off. Finally, if you desire an all-over airbrushed look, dab translucent powder on your entire face and neck where you had applied foundation.

Translucent powders are invisible miracle workers that are definitely essential in every woman’s makeup bag! Not only do they set your makeup, translucent powders mattify your skin, control excess oil and prolong makeup wear. What’s not to love?

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