How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly Every Single Time

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.



Finding your perfect lipstick match is an experience like no other. Like putting on a tailor-made little black dress that fits perfectly, laying eyes on it the first time gives you butterflies and wearing it is a dream as it accentuates your natural curves while drawing out your inner confidence. Whether you wish to nail a signature everyday lip look or try out a bold new color, we have just the right makeup tips that will help you apply lipstick flawlessly every single time.

Prep: Exfoliate & Hydrate

Never skip the prep work!

Just like how you would ensure that your skin is clean and well hydrated before applying a foundation, your lips deserve some pre-lipstick TLCs too. Gently exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a baby smooth surface. Lip color glides on smoothly and effortlessly on lips that are not patchy. Then, moisturize and naturally plump up your lips with a hydrating lip balm. Let it sit on your lips for a few minutes so that the nourishing ingredients can be absorbed. This creates a flawless canvas for a stunning lip look that will last all day.

Prime: Create A Base For Intense Color Payoff

Have you wondered why your lipstick color looks different when you put it on?

When you do not apply enough lipstick or if your lip product has a sheer coverage, the natural color of your lips may come through and give your finished lip look an unexpected color. This is especially true for women with darker lips. However, there is a simple trick to overcome this hurdle. Professional makeup artist, Joy Fennell, recommends, “For dark lips, start with adding a lighter foundation powder to mute out the color of your lips, once the color is muted, you can then apply any lipstick shade.”

Sculpt: Line Your Lips

Achieve a gorgeous sculpted pout by lining your lips with a sharp lip pencil.

For beginners, trace a lip pencil over your natural lip lines. For intermediate makeup junkies, you may wish to enhance your lip shape by lining outside your lips for luscious pouts. Achieve a balanced lip shape by drawing an “X” on your cupid’s bow before lining the rest of your lips. Enjoy long-lasting lip color by coloring in your entire lip with a lip liner, instead of just drawing the edges, before following up with your lipstick. This step is optional if you find that your lipstick already has sufficient staying power.

Luxe Organic Lipstick



Color: Dress Your Lips In Luxury by Sofia

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Place lipstick in the center of your lips and work outward. By starting from the fullest part of your lips, you will have better control on the application and will have a lower risk of messing up should your hands tremble. If your lipstick is blunt, use a lip brush to control the amount of product that you pick up and distribute on your lips. Smile a little to have more access to the corners of your pout.

Correct: Clean Up Mistakes

Makeup mistakes are inevitable so don’t sweat it! Simply use a flat brush to pick up a small amount of concealer and gently dab it over an overdrawn line or smudges. Alternatively, you may use a clean cotton swab to erase any application boo-boos.

Finish: Blot & Set

One more step and you will be ready to conquer the world with your gorgeous lip makeup.

Set your lip color by gently squeezing your lips together over a tissue or napkin to remove excess product. Then, apply a thin veil of our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder to set your lipstick and prevent it from transferring when you eat or drink. This final step is key to achieving extraordinary staying power.

Achieving a striking lip look that turns heads goes beyond choosing a beautiful color. How you apply it makes a world of difference to how it alters your overall charisma and charm. Find your lipstick equivalent to the little black dress from our Luxe Organic Lipstick collection.


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