How To Choose A Bronzer For Your Skin Tone & Undertone


Bronzer is an underrated beauty product that gives an envy-worthy radiance.

Typically, women reach for a highlighter to create flawless glowing looks because it beautifully catches the light and in some cases dazzles with ultra-fine shimmer pigments. A lesser-known way to achieve illuminating radiance is by warming up your skin with the help of a bronzer. However, applying the wrong shade of bronzer can look orange or dirty.

Match Bronzer To Your Skin Tone

It is important to consider your skin undertone when choosing a bronzer as well. If you have cool skin undertone, a warm brick-toned bronzer will cause your face makeup to look too orange and unnatural.

Warm:  Women with warm skin undertone will have veins that appear green. If you have warm skin undertone, wear warmer bronzers such as mocha or golden-brown to accentuate your natural warmth. Cool-toned bronzers will make you look too ashy and pale.

Cool:  If the veins on your wrist appear blue, you have cool skin undertone. As such, opt for bronzers in beautiful beige, light tan or soft peach for the most flattering bronzing result.

Neutral:  If the veins on your wrist appear both green and blue, you have neutral skin undertone. As such, neutral brown-based bronzers that are neither too warm nor cool will complement your skin best without resulting in an unnatural color clash.

Exude confidence with a gorgeous glow. The right bronzer shade enhances your skin’s natural warmth and can be complemented with a finishing touch of iridescent highlighter for unparalleled radiance.

Match Bronzer To Your Skin Undertone

When choosing a bronzer shade, hold the beauty product next to your skin to identify the best match. Pick a shade that is no more than 2 shades darker than your skin to avoid ending up with harsh dark patches. Bear in mind that you may need a different bronzer color as the season changes because your skin tone can fluctuate throughout the year.

Fair:  Women with fair skin tone burns more easily and their complexion turns pink rather than olive under the sun. Replicate similar effects with a bronzer for the most natural look. Choose light rose, peach, or pink bronzers to enliven your complexion. Neutral beige taupe shades will work well with fair skin tone too. 

Medium/Olive:  The best bronzer shades for women with medium or olive skin tones are copper and earthy hues. These flattering shades complement your natural tan instead of clashing with it resulting in an impeccable glow that does not draw attention away from your features.

Dark:  Women with gorgeous dark skin tone will suit warmer bronzer shades. Deep chocolate and dark beige hues will instantly deliver a radiant flush of color. For extra glamor, choose bronzers with shimmering gold flecks to reflect the light. Avoid orange-toned bronzers as those can look unnatural on your complexion.

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