How To Create 4 Different Finishes Using 1 Foundation

Beauty should be playful and versatile.



Learn how to change up your look according to your heart’s desire by creating 4 different finishes using just our Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation. This all natural skincare-makeup hybrid will take you from natural to dramatic with just a few tricks. We’ll show you how!

Look 1: Sheer Natural

The go-to everyday look for many women, a sheer natural foundation finish is polished and shows off your natural beauty. If you find that your skincare routine is paying off, this is the perfect look to flaunt your beautiful glow. To achieve a light coverage that is signature to this look, mix our Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation with a moisturizer on the back of your hand. Then, use a stippling brush or your fingertips to deposit a thin layer of foundation on your entire face. You may also focus only on areas of your face where you want more glow, such as the apples of your cheeks and the high points of your face.

Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation


Look 2: Dewy

An iconic beauty look that exudes vibrant youthfulness, dewy skin is a trendy makeup look that will rejuvenate your complexion. Start with cleansed skin to eliminate any dirt that may potentially dull your natural shine. Then, luxuriate in our glow-boosting Organic Vitamin C Moisturizing Face Cream to hydrate and brighten up your skin. Apply a non-mattifying primer before using a dampened stippling brush to pick up our Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation and blending it on your face. Dampen your brush each time you pick up more foundation to achieve the most radiant glow. Complete the dewy look with a setting spray.

Look 3: Velvet Matte

What natural skin typically looks like, a velvet matte finish is a classic look that many women adore as it is more dimensional than an ultra-matte visage. On well-hydrated skin, apply our Organic All Natural Face Primer to create a smooth and even canvas. As matte face makeup can accentuate fine lines and pores, a primer is essential to creating a barrier and preventing that from happening. After putting on our Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation, set your makeup with our All Natural Pressed Mineral Translucent Powder, an invisible veil for flawless matte skin.

Look 4: Ultra-Matte

Reserved for occasions where you require more coverage than usual, such as when you have to be at a photoshoot or on television, the ultra-matte finish can be easily created with these steps. After completing your skincare routine, use a dry brush to apply a mattifying primer before putting on our Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation. Go over areas that require more coverage with more foundation using the same brush. Use loose powder instead of a cream-based product to highlight. Deposit loose powder onto your cheekbones using a brush and let it set for 5 – 10 minutes before dusting off excess with a fluffy brush. Finally, set your makeup using our All Natural Mineral Pressed Translucent Powder using a pressing or rolling motion.

No matter the occasion, you can create natural looks or dial up the drama for special events with our versatile Organic & Vegan Bio Glow Foundation. Available in 12 skin-flattering shades, you will be able to find your ideal skin-perfecting match. 

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