How To Make Your Foundation Last All Day And Prevent It From Fading Or Oxidizing

If you're looking for a way to make your foundation last all day and prevent it from fading or oxidizing, then look no further. In this article, we'll review several ways that you can keep your makeup fresh and flawless throughout the day!



Pat On The Foundation

This is a good tip to keep in mind if you want your foundation to last all day. Patting on the product helps the foundation blend into your skin better, which prevents blotchiness and uneven coverage. It also helps speed up how quickly the product sets on your face, so if you have dry or sensitive skin that tends toward flaking or peeling off easily (like my own), patting will help prevent this from happening.

If you're someone who has oily skin and finds that most liquid foundations oxidize quickly on their own without some sort of primer underneath them first - or even if you don't think this applies at all - patting is also an excellent way to apply liquid foundations over top of other products like BB creams or tinted moisturizers!


Use A Primer or Setting Spray Before Applying Foundation

If you want your foundation to last all day, it's important to use a primer or setting spray before applying. These products help keep your makeup from fading or oxidizing over time. They also help even out the texture of the skin and prevent any areas from looking too oily or dry.

Primers are typically water-based formulas that smooth out fine lines and pores so that they don't become more noticeable when you put on foundation. Setting sprays are usually oil-based sprays that lock down powders while keeping them in place throughout the day (and sometimes into night).


Wait 20 Minutes Before Applying Additional Layers Of Makeup

The best way to make your foundation last all day and prevent it from fading or oxidizing is to wait 20 minutes before applying additional layers of makeup. This will allow the first layer of foundation to dry, making it much easier for you to blend a second layer without creating a cakey look. If you don't wait for this first layer to dry, then adding another layer will just make things messier as they try to blend together correctly on top of wet skin that has been coated in powdery products like concealer and bronzer (which also tend not to last very long).

In addition, waiting until after 20 minutes gives your skin time with no additional coverage so that when you do apply more concealer or blush later on in the day (after the sun goes down), there won't be any caking happening underneath those products either!


Apply Your Base Products In Thin Layers And Wait For Each Layer To Dry Before Adding The Next

When you're applying your base products, it is important to use a thin layer of foundation. If you apply too much product or if you don't allow each layer to dry before adding the next, then your foundation can look cakey and unnatural.

It's also important not to apply all of your makeup at once - instead, do one thing at a time: start with the base and work from there! This will ensure that each product is applied correctly without mixing them up or accidentally putting two different shades together (which can result in an odd color).


Take A Tip From Makeup Artists And Use A Flat Paddle Brush To Apply Your Foundation Instead Of A Standard Foundation Brush

The best way to apply your foundation is with a flat paddle brush. This will give you a more even application and help you avoid streaks, which can be especially problematic if you're using liquid or cream foundations.

  • Don't use a standard foundation brush

  • Don't use a sponge

  • Don't use your fingers (or hands)


Foundation Can Last All Day If You Use The Right Tools

  • Pat on the foundation with a stippling brush. This will give you an airbrushed look and help to blend out any products that sit on top of your skin.
  • Use a primer or setting spray before applying foundation. This will help prevent it from fading or oxidizing throughout the day (which can cause it to turn orange). You can also use translucent powder before applying your base products if you want an even longer lasting effect!
  • Wait 20 minutes before applying additional layers of makeup (this includes concealer, contour powder etc.). It's important that each layer dries completely before adding another so there aren't any creases in your skin when everything is said and done!
  • Apply your base products in thin layers and wait for each layer to dry before adding the next one--this ensures longevity throughout the day/night!

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Now that you know the secrets to making your foundation last all day, it's time to apply! Remember to pat on your product rather than sweeping or rubbing it into the skin. This will help minimize streaking and ensure even coverage from head-to-toe. Once your base is set, use a flat paddle brush instead of a standard foundation brush for even more staying power (and less streaks). Don't forget about primers and setting sprays either -these are essential for getting long-lasting results!

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