How To Match Mascara To Your Eyeshadow Looks


You have mastered the perfect sleek cat-eye, but why stop there?



“When it comes to mascara, most women think that wearing it is just something you do, and they use it in the same way every day. And yet when it comes to eyeliner, lipstick or blush, they think about how they can change it around and create different looks,” says makeup artist Vincent Ford. Elevate your eye makeup with a complementary lash look. Intensify a sultry smokey smolder with dense carbon black lashes, bring out the subtle sensuality of a fox eye makeup or pare down a daring eyeshadow with soft feathery lashes. No matter the eye makeup look you are going for, we are here to help.


Organic Eyelash Mascara


Intense Smokey Eye

A sexy smokey eye is best complemented with a combination of sculpted eyeliner and mascara that frames your eyes. Rather than sweep your mascara wand up and through your lash tips, focus your attention on the bottom half of your top lashes, where your lash root and mid-section meet. Move your mascara wand up and down, like brushing your teeth, to create a dense ultra-black color and dramatic volume. The key to nailing this look is to achieve intense color and volume at the base to amp up your smokey eye.

Cat-Eye Makeup

Embrace feline ferocity and exude enigmatic confidence. A cat-eye makeup is all about drawing attention to your eyes with a striking winged eyeliner that extends outward. Match its edgy style with a mascara application technique that emphasizes your outer lash. Sweep your mascara wand outward towards your temple, almost horizontally sideways. Use a volumizing mascara as they tend to have a wetter formulation that gives you time to work on your lash look and when it dries, a volumizing mascara can hold the shape that you have created better.

Fox-Eye Beauty

Unlike the cat-eye, the fox-eye beauty look aims to sculpt beautiful almond-shaped elongated eyes that resemble a fox with a winged aesthetic created using a mix of eyeliner and eyeshadow. This seductive look lifts the eyes and lends extra definition to your face. To complement this look, apply your regular mascara using a zig-zag motion moving from your lash roots to the tips, then finish off with a few coats of volumizing mascara on the outer ends of your top lashes. This adds a spellbinding flick to your eyes.

Eye Makeup For Bigger Eyes

Women who wish to enlarge their natural eye shape will extend their eyeshadow upward towards their brow bones instead of outward towards their temples. The best way to enhance this look using mascara is to focus on the center of your eyes. After applying mascara onto your top lashes, switch to a volumizing mascara and deposit product just at the center of your top lash by holding the wand vertically.

Classic Natural Beauty

The secret to a radiant barely-there makeup look is in what you do before putting on makeup. Wake up to naturally healthy lashes by following these lash care tips. The evening before, use a gentle eye makeup remover preferably formulated with nourishing ingredients to rinse off any residue. Leave in organic lash treatment, such as Castor Oil, on your lashes overnight. To illuminate your natural beauty, wiggle your mascara wand left and right moving upward. There is no need to emphasize the lower lash as much for this look, use a fan brush to lightly coat your lower lash for a soft feathery finish.

Changing up your makeup application techniques can be a fun way to discover which type of look flatters your features the most. No matter the look you are creating, our versatile Organic Eyelash Mascara is the perfect addition to your vanity shelf.


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